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Young Couple Visiting Thailand

Young Love! What better way to enjoy your self’s then by visiting another country, at least that’s what at Phuket Deals think!

Thailand is a wonderful destination for any couple, with the beautiful beach’s and wonderful food put together with the exciting night life and fun shopping, what more do you need!?

Well, Young Couple’s seem to have trouble finding the best markets, or sometimes end up paying far to much for most things.

Young Couples would appreciate our service’s as we could,
-Arrange accommodation
-Arrange Airport Transfer
-Explain Barter/Shopping rules
-Tours to attractions
-In Depth knowledge of the best bars / restaurants
-Introduction to Thai Bar Girls if its on the menu

All guides are English speaking!

Young Couples use Thailand as a great first holiday due to the excellent exchange rate most country get!
Phuket Deals Out!