Will The Red Shirt’s Effect Tourist’s?

There is currently a lot of media coverage around the world on the protest’s taking place in Bangkok, a lot of people know this is a political issue and the people are protesting but many do not realize it is because they wish to hold re-elections for the man accused of stealing money from the tsunami collection fund!

Some may have also seen the new’s, the Thai Army’s running from about 80, 000 protester’s! Very funny stuff!

It is possible you could run into trouble in Bangkok presently, I do not believe anyone would be in danger but there is the possibility they may invoke martial law in Bangkok or the protester’s may halt the airport (although it was the other side that did that last time)

Phuket and those regions are perfectly fine, and there has been no effect in those area’s!

Patong Nightlife is still going very strong, it seems quite in the Patong Area, most the bars on Bangla Rd are doing it very tough as the tourist rate is low due to these protest’s, word of mouth is the best way to advise everyone how safe and fine Thailand is to travel to!