Why Not Retire In Phuket?

Its surprising really, that so many people all over the world are choosing to retire in South East Asia, with Phuket been a popular destination! After speaking to some older gent’s who have already made the move I discovered a place like Thailand has many benefits for any retiree!

Accommodation in Thailand is everywhere, and its cheap! What one might pay $500 a week for in Sydney, they would only pay $500 AUD a month, there are location’s all over with lower price’s and locations with higher price’s as it is with any built up area. Many single gentlemen might choose Karon, Patong or anywhere in the Phuket region so they would have easy access to a fun and vibrant nightlife, local girls and westernized life.

Older couple’s, or females often prefer a quieter life near a village or on a large piece of land, they can often be rented for as little as $100 AUD a month and usually will come completely furnished! Bangkok and Pattaya are 2 other popular choice’s, although they are more expensive (along the same line as Phuket) due to the tourist nature of the area’s.

Life is very cheap for someone who has saved money in a western currency such as the American or Australian dollar, the British Pound, ect ect, what might cost someone $1000 AUD a month in shopping and bills, a person in Thailand could get away with only spending $50-100 AUD.
Of course, with anything how much you spend is determined by the kind of life you wish to lead, you can easily spend more then the average person does in Australia if you are thriftless with your money and take no care for it what so ever, while other people can survive on only spending $10 a day, and saving the rest for family.

With the number of budget carrier starting to fly though Asia, it also makes it easy for family to visit or for your self to go back home to see the family, its usually cheap and very easy! More and more people are leaving the idea of dieing in their home country, to live a better quality of life in Thailand!
Phuket Deals has a section on Living and Relocating To Thailand, if this is something that interest’s you I would advise you to take a look!