What To See In Phuket

What To See In Phuket

The Phuket Deals team is currently working on a range of new Phuket Holiday Deals so it might be some time before we can release any in depth information on the Phuket Holidays we will have for 2012. We don’t want to leave you hanging for a fix of some Phuket Information so we thought an Article on What To See In Phuket would be good. Weather you would be a first time visitor to Phuket, or if you have been a number of times, Phuket is a large city with many different things to see, things to do and sights to enjoy. The Phuket Deals team has stayed in Phuket for so long because we really do believe that Phuket is one of the most amazing places in the world and even after spending years in Phuket, Thailand we still find ourselves finding new and exciting things to do and check out often! Below is a small guide on What To See In Phuket when you come for your Holiday, the guide provides things for people of all ages and genders so please take not of each as some might not want their children To See Bangla Rd.

Bangla Rd – Bangla Rd is probably the most famous street in all of Phuket. Bangla Rd is home to a number of Beer Bars and Nightclubs that are very popular for tourists to visit during the day and night. Bangla Rd is also famous for the Thai Bar Girls who work at the bars and attempt to attract tourists into bars and ply them to drink more and by them drinks. Bangla Rd is a must see but we believe children should not be on Bangla Rd past 7pm.

Big Buddha – The Big Buddha is a very popular attraction for single people, children, families and basically anyone who comes to Phuket. While the Big Buddha is still been built the area it is built on is very high up and offers great photo opportunists. The Phuket Deals team hopes to get some high quality photos of the Big Buddha to show people how fantastic this region is.

Scuba Diving – Phuket is a great place to learn to Scuba Dive! What might cost you over $1000 in other countries and take many weeks will cost half the price in Phuket and can generally be completed in a weekend. Dive under the water and see some of the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life that Thailand has to offer! Go home with a license and enjoy it any weekend or any other time you are on holiday.

Monkey Shows – The monkey shows may sound like something for the kids but everyone who goes comes out laughing and smiling! The monkeys are friendly and cheeky, happy to steal your food and crawl all over you. This is a personal choiuce for Phuket Deals and we believe it’s a must do in Thailand.

Shooting Range – While this is not for everyone, going to the Phuket Shooting Range is certainly an experience if you come from a country that does not allow guns (such as Australia). Fire a Desert Eagle, Beretta or any other hand gun. Shotguns are there and some ranges even have small machine guns. Lots of fun for the boys in the group.

Beach – Phuket has many different beaches that are beautiful to visit. While Patong Beach is cramped and not so pleasant you will find Karon, Surin, Kata all offer beautiful beaches with white sand, happy people and plenty of room to move.