Travel To Phuket, Thailand! Holiday Packages 2011

2010 is drawing near to the end! High season in Phuket will start soon and Phuket Deals is excited to share the best in Christmas Specials, along with all the fantastic Holiday Deals and Phuket Package Holidays that we can offer in 2010! Phuket Deals has seen a great increase in the number of people interested in the Merlin Beach Resort, Patong & also in the Sunset Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand! These are two fantastic 5 Star Hotels in Phuket that can be trusted for the brilliant service, friendly and trustworthy staff and the amazingly large rooms that they have on offer!

A popular but expensive location to spend your holiday might be the Andaman Beach Resort, Phuket. Known for been far more expensive then the Sunset Beach or the Merlin Beach Resort’s, it offers a elegant service that involves Butler’s, Drivers, private entertainment and spa’s / pools for each room! Phuket Deals has used the Andaman Beach Resort a number of times and is happy to vouch that it is a fantastic resort, if you are willing to pay the high price for a night!

Weather you are coming to Phuket on a tight budget and staying at the C&N Resort Patong, or if you are coming with all the money you have, intending to stay at the Merlin, Andaman or other – you are sure to find a perfect Phuket Holiday Package to suit you and the entire family! As 2011 is drawing near, the number of hotels offering fantastic specials and amazing deals is rising very quickly, it seems each and every hotel in the Phuket region is fighting to get your business! Use this to your advantage and ask for some discount!

It should also be noted that there is more to Phuket then just Patong, by going for a short Tuk Tuk / Car ride, to the smaller towns of Karon, Kata, Kathu – you will find many more bars, small towns and shopping area’s where the people are far more friendly, eager to help you and the prices are far cheaper then that found in Phuket! You will find many of the large, popular resorts out side the main Patong area, this is because family’s generally prefer to stay in the resorts, family’s who have young children and are not usually to get on sending there kids into the Red Light District of Patong!

If Phuket is not your flavor, there is also Bangkok or Pattaya! Best Pattaya Hotel offers some fantastic deals, much like Phuket but has a much larger red-light district and has limited tourist attractions. Bangkok is a mix between Pattaya and Phuket, while you can find lots of things to do for fun with the family, there is a large area known as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, there is always girls to be found in these area’s!

There are some fantastic deals, with the opportunity to get some Cheap Holidays To Phuket in 2011. 2011 in Phuket will be a year to remember as the Dragon Fist will be out for the first time in many years, and the Thai’s will be very excited to welcome their King to the Island. It is safe to assume that the Red Light District would be closed down for his arrival!