Travel To Phuket – July 2012

Travel Phuket-July 2012

Phuket as it is, still continues to be the most popular tourist destination and with so much promise for 2012, Phuket deals and holiday packages are getting ready to give the ultimate deals with cooperation of the various hotels and hotel chains in and around the island.

As early as of January 2012, new travel deals can bring more visitors to this beautiful island of Phuket. But it is not all making up for the past loopholes, marketing savvy or combination of all of these, visitors would not only be treated to exciting tours and holidays but also to a diverse showcase of the richness of Thai’s culture and people as the country is called the “Land Of the Smiles”.

Many Phuket deals have new and exciting holiday packages which includes tours and cruises around many wonderful islands around and nearby Phuket. It is a fact that July is a low season in Phuket, traveling during this time in Phuket will disprove that any trip made during low season is a waste of money and time. If you are a member of the Academes, taking TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Phuket scheduled on from June 25 to July 20, 2012, give you the best opportunity and yet spend only a fraction of the whole price as spent anywhere else. Phuket beats other countries offering TESOL by having the most affordable price for the whole course. Aside from affordable tuition cost, TESOL students have two accommodation options to choose from. They either stay at Phuket’s TESOL Learning center or with the recommended hotel nearby. These hotels allow students free use of swimming pool, and other hotel’s facilities and internet services. Phuket TESOL course also give the students the opportunities to explore the Thai culture as well as find immediate job as teachers of the English Language.

Another great deal is the much awaited 8th Six Sense Phuket race week. In regards to this big event, Phuket hotels deals have this as inclusion in their long stay packages which have 7 to 10 days stay at a recommended participating hotels for a maximum costs lower than the usual rates. Visitors can really enjoy Phuket with its hot and humid climate, some rains, yes but still manageable to enjoy all the thrill and excitement of these fabulous race weeks.

Phuket‘s magic is not only pinpointed to its superior natural environment but also to the charm of its community. Since July is not so crowded, visitors can easily mingle and enjoy face-to-face interactions with the smiling Thais. Phuket villages provide different perspectives on Thais’ ways of living and allow visitors to have personal glimpse of its amazing culture and traditions. Many of Phuket town’s festivals are reflections of the people’s unique character and religious beliefs. Taking consideration of these town’s festival, holiday planners have included these town’s festivals and celebrations to make travel Phuket July 2012 a much awaited event to all Phuket’s first timer and come backing visitors. Indeed making Phuket still the best place to travel in 2012.