Travel Insurance For Phuket – Why You Need It!

Travel Insurance For Phuket

One of the most important things to think about before you come to Phuket on a Holiday is what Travel Insurance you intend to get, how much coverage you think you need and what companies are reputable to ensure if the worst did take place, you will be able to get your money back fairly and quickly! The Phuket Deals team always warns all tourists looking to Holiday in Phuket that getting good Travel Insurance is the best thing you can do. The team have heard some very horrible stories when people do not bother to take out Travel Insurance when they come to Phuket and decide to do silly things such as riding a motor bike when they have no previous experience. Most Travel Agents will offer a form of Travel Insurance while you will also find your private health cover (if you have it) will offer some form of discounted Travel Insurance.

The Phuket Deals team believes that getting Travel Insurance when you come to visit Phuket, or any other place in Thailand is a must do! For as little as $100 you can be covered for a 2 week Holiday and that coverage will allow you to be aware that any problem you may face will be covered! Travel Insurance will cover a range of potential accidents or problems that can occur rather easily in Phuket (or anywhere else in the world). As mentioned above, many tourists do come to Phuket and rent scooters with little to no experience and then wonder why they had an accident and ended up in hospital. Many other tourists will come to Phuket and eat food from a street vendor and get sick – if you need hospital treatment the costs can add up and the Phuket Deals team have heard of some people paying upwards of 45,000 baht for a week stay in a Phuket Hospital, and some will then miss flights home and will need to rebook flights, get extra nights in the hotel and these costs can easily blow up to 60,000 baht or more – which can all be avoided if people ensure they get Travel Insurance when they come to Phuket.

Phuket Deals is happy to recommend agents and Travel Insurance Providers that we believe are very reputable and worth taking a look at. If you are coming on a Holiday to Phuket the Phuket Deals team does beg you to look into getting some type of coverage to ensure you are safe for your Holiday and enjoy yourself well. By spending $100 to $200 you can ensure you have all the coverage you could ever need! Travel Insurance will also protect you should any items you bring get lost or stolen while in the country. If you have any questions about Travel Insurance in Phuket then don’t hesitate to comment below and a Phuket Deals rep will be happy to contact you and help you find or arrange a Travel Insurance Package that will be perfect for your Holiday.