Top Rated Phuket Tours!

Given the huge amount of activities and tours that are available in Phuket, its great to have some kind of idea of what tour you would like to do or what you think you might get out of it. Many people will have heard off friends and family how fantastic some of the shows in Thailand really are. Many people may have gone home and spoken about Monkey Shows or Patting the Tigers, which are all readily available in Thailand. Other people will have gone home and spoken about the amazing lady boy shows, or the interesting things that can be seen in the Go-Go’s while people who love the out doors might talk about all the islands they visited and rain forests they walked through. Upon arriving in Thailand you will be offered every adventure under the sun and its important to ensure you are going to the right thing.

Phuket Details has put together this detailed article on some of the most tours and experiences in Phuket, and what you might expect from going to one.  If you have any concerns after reading the full article, please feel free to contact us here.

Top Rated Tours / Shows / Activities In Phuket

Fantasea – Fantasea is a stage show in Phuket that comes with an optional buffet dinner. Fantasea is one of the most known, famous and popular attractions in Thailand simply because of the effort that goes into the show. Expect to see Monkeys, Tigers and Elephants all getting on stage with the performers to make the show as brilliant as can be! The Buffet Dinner at the Fantasea show is rated very highly by most tourists who visit and they all say the dinner is a must have! Phuket Fantsea Tickets can be purchased through any hotel, tour operator or online through Fantasea themselves.

Monkey Shows – The Monkey Shows in Thailand are popular with young and old, male and female. Its accepted worldly that Monkeys are very funny and cute creatures. Well, the Phuket Monkey Shows have some of the cutest and sweetest Monkeys that are also trained to perform some very cute tricks! Watch Monkeys that stand half a meter tall lift dumb bells, smoke a fake ciggi or shake the hands of all the audience. This is a great thing for the kids to see and well worth a look!

Tiger Zoo – The Tiger Zoo in Phuket houses some of the largest and scariest Tigers in the world. Expect to be given a detailed tour on the Tigers and there life. Guides in the Zoo are there to teach people why we need to be more careful and ensure that these animals last with us forever.

Phuket ZooPhuket Zoo is one of the most popular attractions for Phuket Locals and Western Tourists. The Phuket Zoo is home to some of Thailand’s most rare animals, along with some that just don’t fit. Nuts and Grass are available for a small fee, allowing you to feed the animals. Pictures are also possible with many so long as the guide believes it is in the interest of the Animal.

If you have any tours you believe are worth adding to the list, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!