Top 5 Attractions In Phuket

The perfect choice for you to spend your holiday lingers in an astonishing paradise situated in an island awaiting you for your relaxed and unforgettable vacation. Spend your days, hours, and minutes in a place wherein you could ease away stress, and take a deep fresh air of surprises and take in cool sea calmness. Not just that this island takes you to some natural wonders; it also introduces you to a fun-filled entertainment in shows featuring wonderful talents and colourful costumes. Prepare yourself for thrilling visits to these exciting shows! Never forget to record these awesome experiences that only Phuket could offer!

Enjoy Phuket’s FantaSea Show, wherein joyous presentations come to life! The popular cultural theme park brings you to unimaginable stage shows, endless shopping stores, carnival games, and many more! You can’t stop smiling while seeing everything in this fun place!  Fulfill your fantasy dreams in visiting villages with lots of elephant rides and delightful foods in restaurants. Enter the culture of Thailand as you hover around the Phuket FantaSea and discover its roots and its inner beauty! Equipped with high-end costumes and special effects, this wondrous event is really worth your vacation! A 140-acre area greets you with hospitable Thai people especially in shopping areas; a 4000-seat restaurant offering sumptuous royal Thai food; and a 3000-seat theatre with spectacular Las-vegas style performances. The Golden Kinnaree Buffet is not just your typical restaurant; but it also protrudes an intricate architecture and an ambiance you would truly nurture. Bring your camera everywhere and take a picture that would capture your precious moments in the palace! Visit the Palace of the Elephants wherein century-old designs are remarkably stunning. While waiting for the main show, you can ride on an elephant and tour around the Songbird Luminare. The theatre performance starts at 20:30 and make sure to leave your gadgets with cameras because of their strict policies. Nonetheless, cherish the amazing lights, smoke, explosions, wardrobes, puppets, and figures involved in the play!

If you are a nature lover, Phuket sure offers you some sight-candies haven of wonders! Greenery and waters are just easy to find. If you have in your mind a painting that gently relaxes your soul, here, it’s a painting coming in a real life! The Phromthep Cape is known for its soothing views of the Koh Racha, Phi Phi, and Yai and Koh Racha Noi islands; and its picturesque sunset.

Want to go back before time? Then, the Old Phuket Town is just right for you to know the Phuket and its origins. The Phuket city also brings you to the modern times combined with the old; with monks on the streets in early morning; markets waking up to sell fresh ingredients; and in nighttime, restaurants, discos, and bars are alive for your social events.

Lastly, lively and vibrant performances is located in the Simon Cabaret, wherein famous actresses and singers are portrayed by cabaret performers, of with male bodies but are living as gorgeous women and are remarkably talented. In its 16 years of giving entertainment; the cabaret has produced flamboyant presentations, costumes, and talents that bring you everywhere, across Asia, America, Egypt, Latin, and Thailand. Elated excitements on the lights, melodies, dances are stunningly performed by most beautiful and attractive women born as males.