Top 3 Things About Phuket Girls

Top 3 Things About Phuket Girls

There are many great aspects about Thai Girls, and we have covered many of them on this site. While we have covered lots of great points, we have never pin pointed the best facts about Thai Girls. The team here at Phuket Deals have spent lots of time with Thai Girls. Some have been our Girlfriends while others have just been very good friends. With all the girls we have meet, there have been some wild ones but they all had a certain sense that we could never find with a girl from the west. Please continue on with Phuket Deals top 3 things on Thai Girls.

1) Affection – Anyone who has been to Thailand will voice how effective Thai Girls are. From the moment you meet a Thai Girl you will inundated with kiss’s and hugs, you will be told how great you are for them and how happy they feel around you. Granted, this may be all about getting baht from your hands but it still does make a guy feel pretty good! Thai Girls even seem to show affection while they are asleep as they will never let you not hug or caress them while you are in bed together!

2) Thai Girls Skin – Everyone who goes to Thailand and spends some time with a Thai will always remark on how beautiful there skin is, and wonder how they manage to keep it so smooth. Western people should remember that while we find a dark Thai girl very appealing, most Thai men find it un-appealing and would much prefer a lighter skin girl. This works well for the Dark Skin Thais as they will generally go to the bars and they know the western men will appreciate it. It is common knowledge that Thai Girls will use Skin Whitening Creams, like girls in the west use tanning creams. Many Thai Girls will also walk around with umbrellas and long sleeve clothes so that they can avoid the sun.

3) Boom Boom – Yeah, Thai Girls are energizer bunnies and there is always lots of fun to be had with them! Weather you have a Thai Girlfriend, meet a girl from a beer bar or are partying with one in the full moon party, you will most surly love a bit of boom boom with the Thai Girls.

So, there are a few decent points to keep in mind about Thai Girls. We here at Phuket Deals all have Thai Girlfriends or Thai Relations, this is how we have such a good idea on them! Please feel free to shoot over issues or concerns you have had with Thai Girls, or even send us your Trip Reports from times you have gone to Phuket! We look forward to reading it on Phuket Deals.