Top 3 Phuket Attractions For Young Travelers

Top 3 Phuket Attractions For Young Travelers

With the massive number of attractions that are available across Phuket it can be difficult to pin point what the very top attractions are. The team at Phuket Deals have taken notice of your emails requesting a list of some of Phukets top attractions. We have decided to make a number of different posts that will detail the top of a certain something.

The first article (this one) will detail the very best Attractions in Phuket for young travelers. While we understand all young people are different and each will be looking for a special something for there Holiday, we do believe there are fundamental things which wil always be loved.

Bangla RdBangla Rd is easily one of the most famous and most fun parts of Phuket. Bangla Rd, as most of you will be aware, if located in Patong which is part of Phuket. Bangla Rd is a long road that stretches for about 2km with bars either side hosting hundreds of girls looking to spend some time with you. Bangla Rd also boasts a number of GoGo Bars and fantastic Restaurants. Bangla Rd is not the only area in Phuket where this can be found, however it definitely is the most busy and gets the most attention. There are a number of nightclubs which can be found on Bangla Rd also. Many of these offer incentives such as free drinks for girls. A great option for anyone!

The Beach – We might not mention the beach enough on this site. If that is the case we are sorry, but the beach is one of the defining parts of ThailandPhuket when you look at it next to a location such as Bali. Phuket is lucky to have very calm waters, the water is also very clean and great to swim in. Patong Beach is easily the most assessable beach in all of but that also means it is the busiest. If you are able to hire a car or have a bar girl take you to a different beach, there are many which can be found that offer a great service for a cheap price while keeping everything as private as possible.

People – The best thing about Thailand, and this is fact is that the people are so nice! Thailand is known as LOS or The Land Of Smiles and it managed to get this name due to the people of Thailand always smiling, laughing and appearing happy. It should be remembered that happy people are not weak people and a smile does not mean they nwill be at your beck and call. However, if you ask in a nice fashion there is no reason you could not get everything you had dreamed of.