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Tiger Bar & Tiger Disco On Bangla Rd

The Tiger complex is located off Bangla Rd and is in between Soi Eric and Soi Seadragon. The Tiger complex is a Soi much like all the others in Patong bar the 1 main difference that Tiger also has one of the most popular disco’s in all of Thailand. The bottom level of Tiger consists of many bars with some of the most beautiful girls from all of Thailand. The bars in Tiger Bar have to follow certain rules such as how old the girls can be and what music can be payed. Tiger Bar is easily one of Patongs most popular area’s to drink and meet people because of the close nit feel between each and every bar.

The disco on the top level of Tiger is a great place to dance and drink the night away. Due to how dark Tiger is, and the fact there is no rule against Ladyboys, is has come up in the past where unsuspecting men having taken a ladyboy back to there hotel and found the issue or have been robbed after falling asleep before anything could take place. Besides these odd issues that have happened in Tiger over the recent months, it is still a great place to go, drink and dance. Thai Girls generally seem to prefer Tiger over Hollywood, even though Hollywood does offer a free drink for entry.

Tiger is easily found in Phuket as there is a large statue of a Tiger at the front of the complex. It should also be noted that is almost opposite Pizza Co. If you have any questions about Tiger bar, or would like us to upload a story from when you had a big night out that way then please e-mail us and we will get it online as soon as we can. If you have any questions regarding Tiger Bar, or some more information you think we should upload then again, do not hesitate to contact the Phuket Deals team.

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