Thinking You Might Relocate To Thailand? Live In Thailand Sounds Good?

So you think you wanna live in Thailand eh?
Considered Phuket, Bangkok, Chain Mai? – Well, If you can find work here or are looking to retire I think you are making a good choice! – I mention Bangkok in this, Phuket and Bangkok are almost identical in price and style of living.

Thai People

The Thai people are generally a happy, very friends bunch! There culture does teach them to avoid showing sign’s of displeasure or unhappiness so at times although they seem happy they may not be.

Alot of people assume because of the low wage’s, the people in Thailand would not generally be very happy! This is completely incorrect, the Thai people have a great love for there country, their family and their king.

Thai people will generally be very helpful, and many of them in the area’s that expats tend to resident tend to speak fairly good English, although if you are thinking of migrating to Thailand I would recommend trying the Thai language!


I am afraid foreigners are unable to buy property in Thailand, you are able to buy or rent building, but you are unable to own property!

There are a mired of place’s where one can rent a apartment, if you look just out side the Bangkok CBD you can pick up a very basic studio apartment for as little as a few thousand baht per month, of course this would be considered a rather low standard of living to your average westerner, it goes to show how cheap Thailand can be.

Renting in Thailand all depends on what kind of style of life you are after, for 5-20k Baht per month, you are able to get a studio with bathroom, at the higher end of the scale the room will have a cleaner service and perhaps a pool.

For people happy to spend a little more, 20-50 will get you a 1-2 bedroom apartment with kitchen, security and all usual facilities. Apartments can go all the way to 300k Baht per month for a top floor Penthouse, although this is over kill in Phuket Deals opinion.

If you are willing to live outside Bangkok or the main tourist destinations, then you will find rental goes down considerably the further out you get. I know of people paying 2000 Baht a month for 3 Bedroom, beautiful homes!

If you are going to live in Bangkok, please realize that location is the key to a happy life in this busy city! You will need to ensure all facilities you use often are close by, these might include a good quality Internet cafe, the post office, close to the entertainment district. Bangkok road’s are some of the busiest and worst in the world, a 10km journey can take a hour or 2 at time, and this should be put into consideration when looking at living in Bangkok.

A area very well known in Bangkok for hgh quality apartments is Sukhumvit, I also find a majority of expats choose to live in this region.

Food / Eating Out

In the west we are taught to cook our food at home most times, saving our self for special occasion to eat out. Thailand, as usual is very different to the way we do things in the west! The majority of Thai family’s do not have kitchens, but will rather eat the cart food through out the day as it is sold for a very cheap price.

Your eating habits in Thailand will depends very much on the apartment you choose to rent, if you have a full kitchen there is no reason you can not cook your own food to save money and try to keep some type of health! If you have a apartment with no kitchen, you will be forced to eat out 3 times a day. This can be cheap or expensive depending on the place’s you decide to eat, a Thai person can survive on 80 Baht a day for food, while I for example will spend 1000 Baht.

If you wish to go to restaurants that are designed for westerners, expect to pay a little more. Thai restaurants will only cost 100-200 baht per meal, while a stall will only cost about 20baht for some chicken or crickets in a bag!

There are 711 all over Thailand, and close to the major cities there are supermarkets similar to Coles, Cosco, or what ever the equalivent may be for your country! – They are extremely cheap, so if you do rent a apartment with a kitchen I would advise you try to use it as much as possible! It is also a option to hire someone to do your cooking for you, labor can be very cheap in Thailand and it would not cost more then 200-300 Baht a day for someone to come and cook what ever meal you wish to have prepared that night.

Again, it all comes down to the kind of money you are willing to spend and the type of life you wish to lead in Thailand.


It is a common complain how expensive electricity has become i Thailand, I personally believe it is still very cheap when you look at what is paid in the west! Depending on if you like to leave appliances on and use the air conditioning alot, you should expect to pay anywhere from 2k-6k Baht per month in electricity bills!
Water is free in Thailand. The tap water can not be drunk so expect to budget for bottled water, although this is also very cheap!

Not many people bother with land line phones in Thailand anymore, everyone carries mobiles as they are so cheap to use. Most side stalls, 711′s and others will sell you sim cards and credit, you can also find many phone out lets that will sign you up in store for a plan for pre paid sim!

Internet is a important factor for the majority of people today, many apartments will provide a free service Internet but you are also able to have a high speed service installed – expect to budget 2000k Install and 1-2k Per month for the Internet its self.

The Family

Mentioned above is more in line for a single person, obviously families incur further cost’s due to more people!

People looking at bringing a family to Thailand should also realize, many things that are free in there home country are not free in Thailand. A good school can cost 50-100k Baht per child a year. Education is not free, and I do not believe many people would wish to send their child to a Thai Public School.

has many International Primary and High schools, but these do come with a high price.

There are cost’s involved for all family members to have VISA’s. If you are a single person, you can get a 90 day visa and complete a visa run every 90 days for as little as 500Baht. – This is a excellent option for someone looking to stay in Thailand cheaply, or for someone who is unsure how long they actually wish to live in Thailand. A visa run can be a very long boring ride in a van with no air con, so be warned it is not for the faint of hearts!

I personally am happy to fly to Singapore every few months to extend my 90 day!


Thailand is a country that “appears” to follow its policy and guides to the letter, and generally for the Thai people they do. Thai people are expected to carry there Government supplied ID at all times. A expat or tourist should carry there ID (International Drivers License) or a Passport at all times. If found with out, fines can be incurred (and most likely will be given)

Your ID will generally never be asked of unless you go through a road check point, or if you have some type of accident. I have never been asked to show my ID for any other reason.


I make it a point to request ALL people, Tourist or Expat register this the local embassy in Thailand! This will be something your family thank you for should anything happen to you, it will also give Thailand a better opportunity to help you if anything should happen. (So long as your countries have good relations)

When you register, remember these people can  be known to be worse the politicians, and its always best for them to be on our side. When you go in for a meeting I would advise to

  • – Ensure you’ve got the correct pieces of paper with you, in the correct order.
  • – Never get angry no matter what the situation.
  • – Speak VERY politely
  • – Smile and Make eye contact
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us Here.