The Elderly In Thailand

The Elderly In Thailand – I am not sure on the exact fact’s, but just by taking a look around Phuket and Bangkok, it would seem the number of western gentlemen moving or relocating to Thailand are above the age of 40-50.
I don’t think their is anything wrong with this, in fact I have complete belief that I will still be in Thailand at that time, picking up a beautiful 20 year old Thai bird!
Earlier in the week I did a post on what it would be like to Retire in Thailand, I thought I would take that one step further and talk about the eldery in Thailand in general – weather it be to live or retire.

Elderly people (male in general) love to Travel to Thailand as they can be treated half their age for as little as $40 a night! – They often have separated or divorced their wives and are looking for type of companionship which is not surprising really!

The way this sounds, only males are moving to Thailand for retirement! This is not true at all, a large number of females are choosing to stay in Thailand for many different reasons! Some of these include

-The Thai Boys

-The Peaceful Life Style

-The Cheap Lifestyle

-The Luxury Obtained With Little Money

-Ease To Travel Back Home To See Family

With these points, and so many more it is very easy to understand why Thailand is a popular destination for people to live and retire! I would recommended Thailand to any Elderly gentlemen or ladies that I may know!

Phuket Deals Out!