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The Best Shopping In Phuket

Welcome back and we trust you are having a horrible Monday morning back at work! Over the weekend the Phuket Deals team received a fair number of e-mails from people who have arranged with us to take a Holiday in Phuket. Many questions get asked but one notable question that continues to pop up would have to where the Best Shopping in Phuket can be found. This is a question that can be hard to give a direct answer because Phuket has many different levels of shopping and depending on the product you are after and the quality you seek, you may have to go to a night market, a shopping mall or a private store. Because the Phuket Deals team cares so much about your Holiday and making sure you have a good time we have decided to put together some information on the Best Shopping In Phuket including where you can find it and the different kind of places you can go in Phuket to Shop! We are going to cover markets, shopping malls and any other store you may expect to find in Phuket to do some shopping so scroll down and learn all about the Best Shopping In Phuket!

The Best Shopping In Phuket

Shopping In The Markets

If you have spoken to someone who has been to Phuket before chances are they have told you about the popular Markets which are open from early morning until late at night. Markets can be great fun and a thrilling experience for someone who has never visited such an establishment. A large array of products can be found in the Phuket Markets and this includes all the clothing you could ever need, board games, electronic games, trinkets and more! It’s important to remember that the Markets in Phuket have no set price for any product you see and the first price you are told is generally way over priced and you should offer 50% less – this is how bartering will start. One of the larger markets in Phuket also provides a few beer bars which can be enjoyable for any husband, brother or son who has been dragged to the Markets to complete some shopping that they actually have no care to do. The Phuket Deals team believes that the Markets are a must do for any tourist in Phuket and your visit will be lacking in experience if you choose not to check out the Markets in Phuket.

Shopping Centres In Phuket

The second avenue you may go shopping would be the fairly new Shopping Centre which can be found in Phuket! Like what you would have at home the Shopping Centre in Phuket offers multiple levels with many shops on each level. Prices in these shops are set so there is no option to barter but you can be sure that the quality of the products you buy will be far greater than the quality of products in the Markets. You can also find a Cinema and Bowling Alley in the Shopping Centre which gives some light entertainment for when you have had enough of Bangla Rd or the wild, partying ways that Phuket offers.

Other Shops In Phuket

Lastly, while you walk through Phuket and especially Phuket Town you will find plenty of brick and mortar shops along the road! These can vary from doctors, dentists, clothing stores, games shops and more! They are just like what you would expect to find at home and the chance to barter would be at the discretion of whoever is working or who ever owned the shop. We recommend checking a few of these great shops out as they will give you an insight into how a normal Thai would spend his day when they go shopping.