The 5 Monger Commandments – By Phuket Deals

The 5 Monger Commandments

1) Respect The Girls: Thai Girls, Bar Girls and GoGo Girls are all human! These girls are out there ensuring plenty of men have a fantastic Holiday! They may earn more then the average Thai, but this does not mean they are earning a lot! The majority of Western Tourists earn far more then Thais and you should remember this!

2) If You Ring It, Pay It: Most bars have a bell set up that can be rang! When this happens everyone at the bar gets a free drink and the person who rang the bell has to pay anywhere from 1000 baht to 3000 baht. Do not get upset if you ring it and have to pay! Thailand has rules like  any other country and as a visitor, you should respect these rules and adhere to them!

3) Get A Hotel With No Joiner:  A true Monger will never go to a hotel with a joiner fee! Why you may ask? Well it has nothing to do with cost! Its all about principle, and the fact that a hotel has a Joiner Fee generally means the Hotel would prefer to be family friendly and would prefer not to have Bar Girls around! If you are at a hotel with a Joiner Fee its best to pack up and find some place else to spend your money!

4) Go 2 Times A Year At least: A true monger will go to Thailand many times a year, at least 2! If you are not going twice, you are not a monger! How do you expect to learn the language, and find out all the best secrets if your only going 2 weeks every year? It really does not cut the mustard!

5) Speak Thai: The best and realest mongers speak Thai. Why? Not because they are interested in having deep conversations with Bar Girls, or because they need to get a Thai Drivers License! They learn Thai because they would like to know when the Bar Girls are talking about them, and if what the girls are saying is good or bad!

There you go! Phuket Deals new 5 Monger Commandments! If you have anything you would like to add, or if you have your own spin for all of this then please don’t hesitate to place a comment below or you can even e-mail through to the Phuket Deals support page!