Thailand / Phuket Attractions

Phuket Aquarium – A must see for the entire family, Thailand has a large assortment of fish and sharks that will entertain and amaze you! Entry is a low price, below 500 Baht and you can easily spend a entire day trying to see all the different area’s

Phuket Butterfly Garden – These gardens have been set up to house some of Thailand’s most beautiful butterfly’s, all year long you can go to take photos or even just marvel in the beauty and color and all those butterfly’s flying around you.

Thalang Nation Museum – One of Thailand’s most historic building’s, this will give you a taste and idea of how hard it was for the Thai people originally (some will argue it is still hard now). I would advise anyone interested in history to check this out.

Phuket Zoo – This is a place for young and old, the monkey show and elephant area are amazing! See the snake man handle a deadly python, or the croc man put his head in a croc! Worth the small entry fee, a excellent day all round!

Dino Park Mini Golf – Another place for all ages, have a good game of mini golf with the family, then enjoy one of there amazing milk shakes or cold drinks! Free entry, but a small fee to play mini golf.

Weekend Market – After a good buy, eager to try your bartering skills? Well this is the place for you, usually much cheaper then the stands on the street due to the extra competition, this is one of those place’s not many tourist get to see due to the stigma of it been local! I attend every weekend, and am still amazed at the buys I can get.

Scuba Diving – With a trained professional, it doesn’t get much better then seeing the world through the eye’s of a fish! Cost’s vary depending on who you go with, but the experience is always the same. Amazing!

Old Phuket Town – It is now known as Phuket City, but it still seems like a Old Phuket Town. With some of the original buildings still been used, this area makes for a camera happy day! The kids may find it boring but the adults will bask in the beauty that once was.

Phi Phi – A trip to Phi Phi is a long day! You will generally go with a tour group and the cost will include all meals for the day as there are few shops on the island. Expect to walk a lot, and be very tired at the end but its worth it to swim in that crystal clear water!

Phuket FantaSea Show – Its the craziest show you will ever see, but the professionalism in the work is amazing! Between elephants running on stage, trapeze artist’s flying through the air or the pyrotechnic display, this truly is like any show you would expect to see on Broad Way or a Las Vegas Casino! Phuket FantaSea is a truly amazing special, one that the entire family can enjoy! Contact Phuket Deals to obtain tickets!

Simon Cabaret – This is definitely one of the largest transvestite shows in the area, and maybe one of the best in the world! The show consists of a fun and enjoyable musical performed by the famous lady boys of Phuket Town! I personally cant tell, I think they might hire real ladies for these shows! Ha! Well I only know that plenty of real ladies would love to have a figure like that!

Wat Chalong Phuuket Temple – One of Phukets oldest, holy and considered one of the most important by locals and Monks alike! It is easy to understand why, when you walk in you are greeting to a beautiful decorated area surrounded by glass panels. You have not seen Phuket or Thailand until you have visited this temple. I would advise to come during a holiday, they will hold Far’s or service’s which are either fun, amazing or out standing!

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) – A sport that is getting more and more popuular each passing week it seems, people from all different nations, country’s, and walks of life are coming to Thailand or training in their own country in the form of it. Phuket is one city lucky enough to host its own arena, which is brand new and quite a site! You can visit this, with bars all around with drinks and girls and see live match;s locally trained professional artist’s! Join the thousands already enjoying this sport by getting a ticket and coming to watch the next match!

Chalong Big Buddha – A amazing piece of man made work, it is actually visible from most of the south region of Phuket and any high rise building (from the ones I have been in). It is 46 meters in height and cost around 29-31 million Baht to build! Tourist’s are welcomed to come and visit the Big Buddha, it is impossible not to visit after you see it from any day trip!

Marine Research Center – Come and see some of the work they do, and also get to see all the wonderful different fish and sea creatures they have on offer for anyone to see!

Put Jay – Located in Phuket, this is the oldest and largest temple in the region!

Monkey Shows – There are a number of different shows in Phuket that mostly feature monkeys. I would speak to your hotel or resort regarding the best show to go to, as it does change often! It is a sight to see though, from lifting weights to pushing a pram – these monkeys are as smart as humans!

Golf – Check our gold section for more details, but Phuket is host to many famous and popular gold clubs! (No pun intended)

Bungy Jump (Kathu) – Done all over the world, including Phuket! The thrill of a life time, if your game?