Thailand Money (Baht) Page Open!

Hey, Its Phuket Deals Here!

Just a quick update to inform everyone I have just opened a new page.

It is called Thailand Money (Baht) – it give’s general information on Thailand’s currency and how to understand it all.

I also decided to go 1 step further and provide some example price’s for items people will usually go to a shop to buy. If anyone feels I have left something out of the Thailand Money (Baht) section, please send me a e-mail so I can add it in.

On a releated note, I was down in Phuket Town last night with the Phuket Deals crew when I lost my wallet. I do not expect to see it again, but it did have around 30, 000 Baht in it. Just a reminder to everyone, do not drink to much when you have a large sum of money on you!

Phuket Deals Out!