Thailand Beach Living

There are alot of different reason’s that make Thailand so attractive as a holiday destination for so many people! – Unsurprisingly, there is always the love for the Patong Nightlife and the girls that can be found in Patong.

Another fact that I have always thought equals the girls, is the service you receive from the Thai people! Where else in the world can you sit down on a beach seat, enjoy the sand and water – all while waiting for the cooked lunch of Mai Tai to arrive from the bar!
Service is key in Thailand, and I suppose this might be why it is such a popular tourist destination for everyone!

Phuket has a number of famous beach’s, includign the imfamous Patong Beach, other beach’s can and do include Kata, Katon and Phuket Town – all worth taking a look! Some will be very busy, and very tourist’s oriented while others will be very quiet and you would struggle to find even one person.

Australia is considered one of the beach capitols of the world, but I dont see how anyone can say that when even 5% of Phuket beach’s get far better waves, and have many more girls on the beach looking for a bit of fun in the sun!

Sydney may have some beautiful beach’s, but saddly none of these run alone the line of the Nightlife district so most of us are left with large cab fare”s such to get into a good night club area! Not with Patong, the beach is only about a 2 minute road from Bangla Rd and is extrmely easy and rather plesant as you watch tourist’s barter and the Massage Girls try to pull you into their shop!

Thailand is a amazing coutry, and Phuket Deals feels very lucky to be a part of all this! Please feel free to e-mail with other post’s or pages you would like to see added to this web! Untill next time! Phuket Deals Out!