Thai Gun Culture?

Thai Gun Culture? – The following should be read in context, remember; gun crimes happen in every country and problems are not usually had unless something drastic has caused them! Use common sense when overseas and you will always be fine! After over 100 overseas trips, I am yet to have an argument that was even close to serious!

Over the past few years, I believe I have see the Thais openly show their love for guns more and more, while sitting in a bar the other day very late the Thai owner in a act of “trying to be funny” pulled out a gun and waved it around, needless to say this made me fairly uncomfortable considering he had been drinking all day and night and really did not no me all that well. After getting home that night, I decided to check online at the different crime statistics there are and found Thailand sits at the near bottom of every list except for gun crime – they are at the top.

32 murders happen in Thailand per thousand people, that’s a pretty massive number with all things considered! You only need to walk down the streets of Phuket, you can count endless people wearing and displaying shirts and clothing that displays gun emblems or logo’s, the number of shirts on sale is ridiculous and they are always at cheap prices because everyone has them! It is the opinion of Phuket Deals, that the police and government need to do something to curve this love of guns, at this rate everyone will eventually be touched by some stupid person using a gun over nothing.

Many clubs in Phuket now employ security to avoid guns and weapons getting in side, if you are going to stay out late at night we do recommend that you go to TIger, Hollywood, Tai Pan or Baya for your after hour activity, the security keep a close eye, stay of the drinks and are not afraid to eject people if they cause a problem! Many of the smaller bars in Phuket can not do this because they need the business and they do not have the security to do it.