Tai Pan, Patong – Review

Walking up to the door, I see a large Thai man wearing a hat that says FBI! I shake his hand though, this man is not an American law enforcement official, but rather club security for one of the oldest, most popular and different clubs in Patong! Its called Tai Pan, its generally a fairly older scene, and like Hollywood and Tiger, you need to pay for your drink at the bar in most cases because of the large volume of people coming and going from the club!

Tai Pan has a live band playing most nights, they can start as early as 6 but are always cranking it by 9! Tai Pan is pretty good on drinks, changing no more then the average bar, but also having some great happy hour specials which are pretty good as it seems to one is interested in going to Tai Pan until it is at least 7 or 8!

I would advise anyone to check out Tai Pan when they have a chance!

Thai Girls in Tai Pan charge the going rate for lt, 1500 Baht – remember, they are in a nightclub, there is no bar fine!