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As you walk up the stair’s to the Sun Hill reception area, you will instantly feel at home with the warm smile’s the reception girls present you with, and the warm nature they seem to expel while taking your details and helping you with your items.

You see, I know this because I recently had the pleasure of staying in this fine Resort, less then a 3 minute Tuk Tuk ride from Bangla Rd and the main points of Patong including the beach. There is a massage parlor almost connected to the hotel, and the front always has bike Taxi’s and Limos prepared to take you into town for the standard Patong Fair’s.

The resort offers 3 styles of rooms, a studio room which is rather large when compared to other studio rooms in other hotels, I found the bed to be extremely comfortable and the position of my room allowed me direct access into the hotels swimming pool.

The 2nd level of room the hotel offers is the Deluxe Sweet, this is a larger room with a mini-kitchen and a table and chair setting inside the room. These rooms offer a extremely large balcony, most are rather secluded I found, it is hard for anybody to see in!

The 3rd, and very best room is the one I was lucky enough to be staying in. The Sun Hill should not be allowed to call this a room, it should be called a mini apartment and for the price you pay you will find it hard to get these rooms during the Peak season! When walking into the room you are greeting with a table setting with 2 chairs and a full kitchen and large fridge. There is ample space in the room for all the shopping, with cupboards and draws all around.

Further in the room you have a complete lounge and table setting, allowing up to 5 people to sit around and watch TV or have drinks prior to a big night on the town!
The TV can be turned around so you can watch it in bed, the room has 2 air conditioning units that work extremely well, I don’t believe i ever had a need to turn the bedroom one on.

The en suit en extremely large, and the room’s are decorated beautifully and there is no sign of it been worn out in the slightest. The Sun Hill also boasts one of the greatest chiefs in Patong, I attempted to try everything on the menu and can not fault a single item! I do believe they make the best bacon and egg’s I have ever had in Thailand.

I have stayed in many of Patong’s finest resorts and hotels, I truly do believe that the Sun Hill surpasses them all in service, elegance and comfort! Accompany that with the amazing price, and you have your self a 10/10, Five Star resort!

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Sun Hill Patong – 10/10

Sun Hill Apartment 1

Sun Hill Apartment

Sun Hill Apartment

Studio Room Sun Hill 1