Songkran Is Almost Here! Water Day In Phuket!

Its almost that time! Songkran also known as Water Day will begin on April 13th! Alot of tourist’s will come into Thailand unaware that Songkran is about to begin, and there is even less understanding about what this day means for Thai;s and Tourist’s alike!

Songkran is a happy and exciting time in Thailand, especially in Phuket – it is known for the festivities and parades held during this time, and also known for the amount of water that gets thrown around during this period – you could be walking down Bangla or Nani Rd when suddenly a large bucket of water is poured over you head. Tourist’s should try to remain calm, and accept that this is a part of Thai life and getting upset over water been pouted on you will do no good.

The water is not thrown to cool people down, but is viewed as a way to “wash” all the evil and bad that is covering a person.

Bars and Clubs remain open during this time, and there is generally a much more lively and fun feel to the area when Songkran is on! Patong is known for its Songkran festivities, included bars having the girls dress up, bars and clubs been open for a longer period of time.

Some tips to avoid problems during Songkran
– Keep your money and valuables in a plastic bag – Thai Currency is paper and water will destroy it!
– Accept water gets thrown around during this period, do not get angry over it.
– Get a water gun your self and have some fun during Songkran

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