Soi Crocodile & Soi Easy Info! Phuket Nightlife Updates!

More updates on the website! We have continued to look at the different Soi’s that hang of Bangla Rd. We have now added new pages on Soi Easy and Soi Crocodile. The Katoey Fans that read our website will be very happy about this as Soi Crocodile is known as the Ladyboy Central for Patong! Please feel free to follow this link to read all our information Soi Crocodile. We believe this kind of information will be very beneficial to a tourist that is looking to visit Phuket for the first time. Many people would be unaware that different Soi’s generally cater for different types of things people enjoy.

As mentioned, we have also completed more information on the Aussie Favorite, Soi Easy. Aussies are big fans of Soi Easy, this may be because of the very popular bar “Aussie Bar”, and also because “Hollywood” is located in this complex. Soi Easy is a rather small soi, with only a few bars but they offer a great atmosphere and always have plenty of tourists about that are keen for a drink and a chat! Phuket Deals has also gone and done some updates to our Phuket Nightlife section, we have included a map of Bangla Rd which we believe will be a big help for anyone that is trying to find there way around Patong, Phuket or Bangla.

We are going to continue doing updates for Bangla Rd and the different Soi’s that are off this location. We are also going to try and get more bar reviews done this week, and hopefully update the Soi section with new photos of the construction that is currently happening in Phuket. We have posted in previous article’s about this work, and we have spoken to many people who live in Phuket (some are expats, some are Thai) and the general feeling is that these latest additions are killing the feel and vibe that Patong has always been able to offer. We can only hope the Soi’s mentioned on this website will stay the same so we can continue to enjoy them!