Site Update – Lots Of Thailand, Patong, Phuket Information!

Phuket Deals has been working very hard on the website, some of you will have noticed a large increase in photos! We believe this will help stimulate readers, and help them get a better feel for what Thailand has to offer.

Please take notice also, on the right hand of your screen if you scroll down you will come to our navigation menu! This has some new pages, and some updates ones! You will see we have added a Currency Converter so we can better help you understand what your money will be worth in Thailand, as a added bonus it is set to work in all country’s so bookmark that page as you will use it time and time again! Currency and Exchange information is important when traveling.

The Phuket Travel Deals page has a update, you will see that we have added more detail into why Thailand is a perfect destination for any person from any walk of life to come and visit! We also make mention of The Sun Hill’s special 850 Baht for a Studio room. There is no word from Sun Hill on when this ends currency, so please jump in while its going!

We will also update the Thailand Nightlife section soon, I hope to do reviews on the some the best bars in Phuket, giving details on how the girls act, how cold the drinks are and much more! Keep coming back for more, and tell your friends to visit! Phuket Nightlife has the top info for all your Bangla Rd needs!