Seduction & Tiger Disco Review & Updates!

New updates are strong on Phuket Deals! The team has been hard at work looking into a club that does not seem to get as much mention as the others in Patong and this club is Seduction. Seduction can be found on the main strip of Bangla Rd and it is probably the closest thing to a western club that you will find in Thailand. Seduction is a 3 level club that offers RnB, Hip Hop and House. Seduction has an upstairs area that is perfect for relaxing and watching the world go by down on Bangla, it also gives punters a great chance to see fine looking girls they might like to invite inside or go down to have a talk!

Seduction is generally dominated by westerns when compared to the other clubs n Bangla Rd, although there is still a very strong presence of Thai Girls and the odd Thai Guys that go in for some fun. Bar Girls and Freelancers from Phuket are welcome to the club and will be given a free drink on arrival. Free Drinks are one of many ploys the clubs and bars in Patong use to draw in the girls, which in turn will draw in the tourists numbers that are looking for those beautiful girls. Seduction does have a cover charge for Tourists – it is one of the few clubs that do and for this reason many of the local expats refuse to attend because they understand they can go to very similar places with no cover charge but still paying the same price for drinks!

Phuket Deals has also compiled a section on Soi Tiger, Tiger Bar and Tiger Disco. Tiger is one of the oldest and largest establishments in Thailand. It is a 2 story facility that has a number of open air bars that are owned by Expats and Thais alike, these are the bars that some of the most beautiful Bar Girls that have little attitude and are keen to go with fun nice guys for a wicked time! Upstairs is the Tiger Disco where you can dance your heart out, there is no entry fee and girls are given a free drink on arrival!

Tiger is known for been very dark and some tourists have advised that Ladboys enjoy that club because they are a little harder to make out. The club can get very cramped and there does not seem to be a set dance floor but rather everyone dances around the tables that are all over the club. People can also go to the 2nd level and check out the scene’s from up high!

Tiger is fairly well known for its Foam Partys and Water Partys, where you will be splashed and sprayed with cool refreshing water that will help keep you going all night long! Tiger is found on the main Bangla Strip and cant be missed with the massive statue of the killer tiger, that welcomes all the guests for a big night out!