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Seduction Disco Review

Seduction is one of the newer clubs that can be found in Patong along the Bangla Rd strip. Seduction has become fairly famous world wide as one of the top places for people to go to party and club in Patong. Seduction is one of the largest (maybe the largest) disco’s in Patong that welcome Thais and Westerns alike. The club consists with 3 different area’s to immerse yourself in, each one playing a different style of music and offering a different feel and vibe, the different area’s of Seduction are called different names to help people guide themselves to the best spot for them, the area’s of Seduction are known as;

Beach Club: Beach Club is located on the first floor of Seduction and you instantly get the feeling like you have walked into an in door beach with palm tree’s and sand everywhere to give that exotic feel.

Disco: The Disco Room is located on the 2nd floor and has a strong focus on Club Culture, ie – the music! Be prepared to dance to some of the hottest RnB, HipHop and House that Thailand has to offer and do it all with some of the most beautiful girls in Thailand!

Blow Bar: Blow bar is the upstairs open air terrace. Come here if you would like to sit down, have a drink and relax to the cool sounds of the Patong D-Jays pumping the easy listening tunes that all will love and appreciate.

Seduction has hired Dee-Jays from all over the world that offer a different taste in a variety of music genre’s. Many of the Dee-Jays are known in there own home lands and other countries for mixing some of the hottest beats cubs have ever heard! Notable Dee-Jays that can be found at Seduction are;

Louie Vega

Judge Jules

David Morales

Seduction Patong Bangla

Seduction hosts a number of events that that offer great value for money and lots of fun for everyone who attends. Seduction is famous in Phuket for its Bikini Nights where Thai and Western Girls go in with the smallest and hottest Bikini’s imaginable. Seduction has amazing drink prices while also at times offering free drinks to the crowd – and we don’t mean Beer, they offer it all! Wine, Spirits, Beer, Bottles – they give it away when they see everyone going hard!

Thai Girls in Seduction are much like the girls in all the other clubs in Patong. They are great fun and hot dancers, they will be keen to go back to your hotel if they like you but you should be prepared to offer them a little something the next morning – its important to remember that these girls live on a much smaller wage then most tourists would and they do usually appreciate that little bit of help!

Seduction can also be found on Facebook! Add them!

Seduction Patong Bagnla

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