Scams In Phuket To Be Careful Of

Scams In Phuket To Be Careful Of
Phuket still tops the list for tourist destinations. Millions of tourist flocked Phuket to have a taste of truly amazing Asian’s experience. But if you are a newcomer or first time visitor, you should be aware that Phuket is not only a paradise of beautiful scenic places but also of scams. Here are some of the scams that every tourist should be wary of.
Shoplifting scam– this is one of the newest reported scam in Phuket. Tourist shopping around shops in Phuket should be informed how this scam is operated. While a tourist is looking around inside a shop, someone would approach him or her and would accuse him of shoplifting. Of course there will be dispute and the shop personnel would show clip from CTV camera showing the tourist with blurred picture footage. Even without finding stolen items, with police intervention, the tourist will be invited in a police station where instead of clearing the tourist; the police will extort money after telling the tourist could be jailed for two days. Of course, out of fear of being in jail, the tourist would be forced to pay extortion money.

Airport taxi scam– If you arrived in Phuket airport with a hotel booking, most likely you will get a taxi to get you to your hotel. Here’s the operation. Someone will approach you; ask if you have hotel booking, if you said no, then it’s the start of the scam. You will be given offers of help, transporting you to a hotel but will only bring you to a hotel, which pays them commissions for bringing in customers. They will asked for higher rates of taxi fare and will make you think they have given you favor but in fact, they have scammed you and extorted money from you without knowing.
Hotel Booking scam—If you don’t have hotel booking before going to Phuket,most likely you can be scammed. People will offer to help you find a hotel, make you feel and think that all hotels are fully booked or under renovations and they will take you to a hotel where you will have to pay additional rate for them because you “belong” to them and you do business with them. In the end, you pay exaggerated hotel fees.

Fortune Teller scam– Going around Phuket alone, you will be approached by a man posing to be a fortune teller. He will insist in telling your fortune and take your time. If you foolishly let him take your time longer, he will demand more money from you without making any clear fortune telling.
Price changing scam- If you happen to be in a spa or massage spa, be careful to take noticed of the price first mentioned before you take in services cause in the end, prices change quickly and you will be forced to pay more than what had been agreed or charged earlier.

Change scam– Buying things in Phuket can be enjoyable but also a sure way to be scammed. Thai bath money domination most often confused tourist so when they buy things, vendors shortchanged them by giving wrong changes. You should be familiar with Thai bath before you go out and enjoy your shopping spree.
Girlfriend scam– If you happen to date or take a bar girl out, be sure to limit it only to 1 day. Bars girls have stiff competition and if you dated a girl more than once, she will treat you as her boyfriend. She will demand money for so many bills and end up stretching your last dollar to meet her demands.
If you’re stubborn enough to take a bar girlfriend, beware of another scam. She will make you believe she is pregnant and ask money either for abortion or child support. In the truth, she is not pregnant but only looks preggy thanks to a local concoction that makes her belly swell.

Holiday ticket scam– A man will approach you and will sweet talk you into scratching a ticket. If you obliged, you will win a prize and once you claim it, you will subjected to many claim procedure that in the end you actually and forced to pay for the holiday ticket you just have won.
The list is continuing and as long as there are lots of tourists going to Phuket, many scammers will have a heyday of earning easy money from them. New and more scams will be introduced and operated by them but fortunately these are not enough to discourage those who really want to experience Amazing PHUKET ISLAND.