Popular Phuket Bars, The Best Of The Best

Satisfy your stomach needs and increase your social life through Bangkok’s competitive bars; bringing you to the fulfilment of your palate and introducing you to friendly places to reduce a daily work’s stress. Bars in Bangkok provide wholesome services that you could truly enjoy. However, a policy like smoking is commonly prohibited in bars. A strict requirement such as presenting an ID is also required. Restriction of buying alcoholic drinks is suitable only to 20 years old and above. Be not discouraged, but think of better quality and security! Bars around the streets of Bangkok are totally agreeable.

If your taste buds find a touch of an Italian cuisine, then Spasso would certainly fulfil your desires. This entertainment centre is popular to have ‘high society’ Thai customers. Located at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, this bar/disco place could bring you to a European-feel paradise offering cocktails, local band performers, and a dance floor to begin the fun with. The atmosphere is great and a fantastic time awaits you to a night full of social fun!

Looking for a high-end design fashionable for this trendy generation? The Bed Supper Club emphasizes its unique architecture by a vibrant blue spaceship-designed bar extraordinarily offering a great place, a great view, and a great food—a complete package to spend your clubbing in the city! An all white interior really transforms your feel into a futuristic feel combined with time travel experience! The food in the bar has a Northern Thai taste and western and Oriental dishes are also served. Prepare a high budget for eating here, but you will suddenly be satisfied if your drinks and food are served by sexy personnels dressed as spaceship travellers.

The WP or the Wine Pub is another fulfilling bar in Bangkok, wherein you can start early in chilling out, ordering some drinks, and having some great food. Located in the Pullman hotel, this place has widely attracted foreigners as well as Thais because of its cheap food and drinks. It opens from 6PM to 2PM. As the night gets later, some of the tables and chairs are moved away to have the dance floor. A fantastic, decent, and affordable night out with friends is truly worthwile in this place.

In the Oriental Hotel, the Bamboo Bar is situated, popular for its jungle-feel and ambiance. The calming lighting, unique furniture, and a vibrant jazz offer you a class dining and drinking!

The Hard Rock Cafe is also a must to visit, with a live band and delightful dinner to enjoy. The prices of drinks are reasonable, and such a thing is being visited by tourist, and even local Thai people. One amazing thing in this bar is that you can really see that the bartenders love their work, and that would probably increase their great service to you! Another thing is that, one of its best features, is the first mixers and ice are free but if you were not able to finish them, they will be kept for six months! Why is that? If you go back there and present just your card, they offer you your unfinished bottle and you will just pay for the mixers then!

Lastly, at the rooftop of the Banyan Tree Hotel, the Vertigo and its Moon Bar are high to offer good views and great cocktail-drinking! Popular food serving in this bar is the Grilled Sea Bass with Citrus Salsa and Cilantro. The Chao Praya river, and the sunsets are the best features of this place.