Popular Pattaya Bars

Nightlife in Pattaya is as lively as the wonderful bar colours emphasized during the start of the club hours, and having dinner in those bars and good music are some of the fulfilments you find, even in other bars. Relaxing hospitality of the Pattaya people is another great factor why bars are also well-visited. If you wish for a fun night involving good food, drinks, and entertainment, then discover Pattaya’s recommended bars suitable to your social life. Prepare yourself as you find quality bars and delightful foods; as Pattaya offers variety of bars and restaurants around the city. Just choose a bar and enjoy with a couple of your friends in the night world of Pattaya!

One of the oldest bars established in Pattaya is the Abbe’s Bar. It has a football feel, with some football decorations, and football games shown on the television. The place is great for chilling out with reasonable prices of food and drinks. Located at halfway the Walking Street, this bar is suitable for boys with a special taste in football! So prepare yourself for a sporty nightlife feeling in a bar wherein you relive your football-fanatic side!

The Chanpen Bar and Restaurant in Pattaya is located in Soi Buakhao market place near the South Pattaya Road. It has comfortable furniture such as armchairs, sofas, and benches suitable for a relaxing drinking and dining. The bar is well-stocked and quality drinks are valuably offered. There is also a sporty feeling in this bar; wherein a flat-screen television is provided showing sports events or playing music CDs or DVDs. Mainstream rock is usually played in the bar. However, a Nintendo Wii is also available, and if you wish to play it, bowling, golf, tennis, or golf are games available.

The Blues Factory in Pattaya is the home for Thailand’s live performance of Blues, RnB, and Rock n’ Roll. Full entertainment in a night out is spectacularly offered in this bar. Enjoy the fulfilling music experience you will never forget, the stage is equipped with quality sound materials and an expert DJ’s. Not only that the famous rock guitarist of Thailand, Lam Morrison performs, but also some of Thai and international musicians also play music in this bar. As you enter this renowned bar, beautiful girls offer you to your seat of preference. Drinks are of variety, and you can choose from a wide selection of affordable ones. Souvenir items of the bar are also available like some T-shirts and music CDs.

In front of the entrance of the Blues Factory, the JP Bar is another affordable bar in Soi Lucky Star. A beer bar with  pool tables, it is also a bar who keeps open beyond 3:00AM. Visiting Ziggy’s Bar, another bar to have fun and relax, is located on 2nd road Pattaya. It is known as the largest bar in the Drinking Street having 60 seats available and a large dancer area.

The Kum Pun bar, is popular for its Thai country and western style, having a lively music. The music is usually soft rock variety combined with Thai folk music. The Hopf Brew House offers a variety of German beer and fresh ales, with soothing band and relaxing atmosphere.