Please…. Just Put On Your Helmet!!!!!

Dear Readers Of Phuket Deals!

Just a quick update to remind you all that Helmets do save lives! – It might not be cool, but who cares? Who gives a fuck if your hair needs a bit of tending to after you take your helmet off!? – Would you  prefer to be dead?

Sadly, I make this post because a very close family member of mine has recently been struck while coming up Patong Hill on his scooter – the 2 people on the other bike are currently in hospital while my cousin died at the scene. No 1 in this crash had a helmet on!!!!

Any western person can look at Thailand’s driving and realize it is not safe! Its pretty obvious, yet people still take the risk as if it will not happen to them! Guess what, it will if you are not careful! Phuket, Patong, Kamala, Kathu are beautiful places to live or visit, but the roads in these area’s are not safe and extreme caution should be taken!

That is all!

RIP – Adam J Sutcliffe – Loved By Many, Forgotten By None!