Place’s To Visit In Phuket

When people think of Phuket, Thailand they can get an idea of white sandy beach’s, palm tree’s and a nice warm breeze! Many people fail to remember that Phuket also has some fantastic place’s like Patong to check out! Patong is the main night life district with-in Phuket and is known for the many “Patong Beach Hotels”!

There is no limit to the number of cheap hotels, phuket, thailand but thats not to say you cant find plenty of 5 star hotels in Phuket, Thailand. Patong beach has a number of smaller style resorts, along with some fantastic and huge resorts owned by Accor, 4P and Others! Travel to Phuket, Thailand is fairly easy as you can get a bus, taxi, plane or boat. Phuket is known as an island, but it is connected to the other partys of Thailand so driving between them is not an issue.

There are a number of beautiful hotels in Phuket, Thailand that will allow you to bring your Thai Ladys back with you, this is a real benefit as many high end resorts will either not allow the lady back into the room, or change you a fair bit extra for that right! It is something I would advise most to avoid because it can get a little annoying paying 2500bht every time you wanna bring a girl to the room!

There are many Phuket Ladies on Patong Beach, Phuket – this is because they will often try to find a westerner who is alone and crack onto them (get onto them) – this can be lots of fun if you are single and alone, on the other hand – if your mrs has just walked to the shop for a drink and she comes back to find 2 stunner thai girls crawling all over you, you might be in for some issues!

Thailand Bar Girls are some of the most fun and fantastic in the world! Have fun!

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