Phuket Weather

Phuket and Thailand in general has a very tropical climate. It is a country where you are always at least warm, if not boiling hot! Many people find with a climate change, there is a big drop in temperature, for Thailand this is not the case and the temp will generally stay the same all year round.
What does change in Thailand is the humidity and the rain. Some people believe Thailand has 2 climates, other people believe Thailand has 4.  It is of the opinion at Phuket Deals that Thailand has 3 climates. They are as follows.

November 1 – February 31: Considered to be the best time to visit Phuket, everyday is sure to be sunny! With temperatures that range between 32-38* you can be sure you will spend some time at the beach! Humidity sits at about 50-60% which in my opinion is a nice level.

This is considered the Dry “Cool” Season.

1 March – June 31: This is Phuket Deals personal favorite time of the year, this is the hottest time Phuket gets and it shows! Thailand is not a place to visit if you are not comfortable with high temperatures, even the local Thai people are known to have issues with the high heat and humidity at this time of the year! Expect temperatures to reach as high as 40*

July 1 – October 31: This time of the year is considered the rainy season, please do not be put off by this as generally the day will not see more then 1 hour of rain. – The rest of the time you would expect sunny sky’s or a little cloud. If you are not put off by a little wet weather, this is the best time for a tourist to visit as everything will be much cheaper due to the low demand!

It should be pointed out that different regions in Thailand do have different climates, for the average tourist this should provide more then enough details as the major tourist areas do follow these climates.

These areas are Patong, Bangkok, Pattayya, Chang Mai and more.

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