Phuket Travel Specials 2011 By Phuket Deals

Phuket Travel Specials 2011 – Cars, Flights, Walking

We have spent a lot of time recently talking about the fantastic Phuket Holiday Packages and the Travel Package Deals for Phuket throughout 2011. It has dawned on the team at Phuket Deals that people need a little more information than that, in fact you probably need a lot more! Travel Specials for Phuket are all over the place, and there are strong signs this is not going to change for 2011! A number of high end Airlines have teamed with Hotels or Travel Agents to offer the best Package Deals ever for Phuket! These are great value for anybody looking for that exotic Thai Holiday but do leave the tourist open to a lot of unsurely as they have no days planned!
Because of this we have created the Phuket Travel Specials section which we will test drive through out 2011! The major difference for Phuket Travel Specials will be that include almost everything for your holiday. While we are still looking at options on what we can and can’t include, the team at Phuket Deals is confident to advise that the following would be included in the Package Deals;

  • Transfer From Home To Airport
  • Flights
  • Transfer From Bangkok Airport to Pattaya
  • Accommodation
  • Golf Day Pass
  • Free Scuba Lessons
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner supplied
  • Day activates (Monkey Show, Tiger Show, Go-Go Bars)

As said earlier, Phuket Deals is going to use the 2011 year as a test period for these Travel Specials! We believe these excellent deals would be used mostly by family’s that will be bringing extended family and children with them on Holiday! We do not recommend the single travels opt for this package as we believe most will sleep through the day activates and would prefer to eat at the times they see fit.

Please remember to following through to the Phuket Package Deals 2011 section which detail the ultimate Holidays which we can offer. These Holiday Deals will also run throughout 2011 and usually start at about $2000.00. Combined Phuket Deals Package Deal Holidays and now our Phuket Travel Specials 2011; we really are the one stop shop for anything Phuket! We welcome people to take this after March 2011 as there is major construction going on in Phuket currently and this has affected a large proportion of the night life and bars in Phuket. Bangla Rd is still very popular even with the construction, although it can get a little dirtier and louder than usual. Holidays supplied through Phuket Deals will include Bar Drink Vouchers!