Phuket Travel Deals Update! 2011

Phuket Deals has been hard at work, with Christmas fast approaching and everyone pretty much booked and ready for their end of 2010 Holiday, some are already starting to look and think about what to do in 2010! Well, we think that Phuket is the perfect place for your next vacation! Maybe you loved it the first time, you need a 2nd hit or perhaps you missed it this time and you realise how much you missed out on! Phuket Deals & Phuket Travel Deal has been hard at work on its section, with a new offer to stay at the Sun Hill ready for sale!

Phuket Travel Deals will be all over in 2011, this is a mix of the Thai Government trying to bring Tourism back to the area in a big way, the hotels have also struggled to get numbers so they have signed on for big tourism to come back! Bars will not change drink prices much and the Bar Girls will generally not get involved with all this farang politics, so you can expect to pay the same for them on any given day! Weather you are coming from the east of the west, north or the south we are sure you will find the perfect Holiday Package to suit your needs in Phuket!

Phuket is regarded as one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations, not only for the warm Sunni beach’s and the rich vibrant nightlife, but also for the fantastic attractions that are on display! Phuket Museum has a fantastic display on Phuket Town prior to 1960, there are a number of shooting range;s which offer an assortment of Pistols, Rifle’s, Shotguns and some Semi-Auto’s to fire down the range. Phuket has one of the largest Monkey Shows to choose from, with some offering Bamboo’s and others trying to bide you in with tiny monkeys from the south! The tiger shows in Phuket are also a spectacle, with most been offered the chance to sit with the tiger for Photos. If you are scared of snakes, this next 1 might not be for you but Phuket also has a number of snake shows where you can catch people tempt snakes to bite them and jump at the very last moment, learn more about how their venom works and what to avoid and get photos with a massive python around your neck!

Phuket has so much on offer for the every day tourist, we believe you would come to love it if you give it the 1 chance it needs! Phuket Travel Deals hopes you e-mail through any requests!