Phuket Travel Deals – November 2012 – Holiday In Heaven

Phuket Travel Deals – November 2012 – Holiday In Heaven

Welcome back for another instalment from Phuket Deals! We trust all of our loyal readers had a wonderful weekend and are now dreading the next 5 days in the office. While we have had a lot of interest in the latest Holiday Deals to Phuket we are getting a little bored of talking about relaxing in resorts, drinking on Bangla Rd and meeting a bunch of Thai Cuties! The following 2 Travel Deals to Phuket are for November 2012 and while you will get some time to relax and unwind, the main focus on these Holiday Package Deals to Phuket are for you to get out and experience Thailand, take a hike through some of the most magnificent and untouched jungles in the world, ride an elephant between towns, eat sticky rice on the floor with a village elder! It’s actually does amaze the team here at Phuket Deals that so many people come to Phuket on Cheap Holiday Package Deals and yet never take the time to see the real Thailand. The latest two Holiday Deals to Phuket are similar in some ways but then differ greatly in others so we do hope you will take the time to read about the Phuket Travel Deals for November 2012. The first Package Holiday would be for people who would like spend most of their holiday relaxing while spending just a little bit of time enriching themselves in the culture while the second Phuket Package Holiday would be more suited to people who only need 2 or 3 days to relax and the rest used to immerse themselves in the vibrant and rich world that is Phuket, Thailand.

Holiday In Heaven – Phuket Travel Deal, November 2012

The first Holiday In Haven Package Today to Phuket is absolutely perfect for people who need a real holiday while still been able to go home and talk about some of the rich and interesting things you got to do and saw! You will enjoy 12 nights in Phuket and stay in the Mercure Hotel Patong. While you put your feet up and let the kind and happy staff bring you food, massage your back, clean your clothes. The hotel is fairly close to many markets that feature clothes, music, movies, games and trinkets! At night you can head out for a walk along the beach, enjoy eating at a traditional Thai Restaurant or just order in to your room. 9 Nights into this dream Holiday to Phuket you will head out to the Phuket Rainforest for an overnight trek to a traditional Thai Tribe – learn how they father food and interact with modern Thai’s, meet families who have never seen or watched a TV or used the Internet! This is an amazing Holiday Package Deal to Phuket for November 2012 and it shouldn’t surprise that the Phuket Deals team have put it together.

Immerse Yourself – Holiday Package To PhuketNovember 2012

The second Holiday Package Deal to Phuket is one that will suit the most adventurous person! We don’t recommend this Holiday Travel Deal to Phuket for people who don’t like long walks or who have an issue with sleeping in a tent! Land in Phuket and spend your first night in complete luxury as you will be staying at the Sun Hill, Phuket in your very own apartment! When you wake up on day two you will take a bus to the Jungles of Thailand where you will spend the next 6 days with a guide been shown the amazing fauna and flora that Thailand has to offer. Upon completion you will return to Phuket and head to the Ocean Resort in Karon to relax and take in all the amazing things you saw and enjoyed!

Phuket Travel Deals – November 2012

The Phuket Deals team would like to strongly point out that while we wish to see you, your friends and your family come to Phuket for a first class Holiday, the deals we have listed above are for people who are in fairly good shape! This is not only for our protection but for yours, and the simple fact is doing this and been out of shape will result in a horrible time and a poor Holiday in Phuket! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest Holiday Package Deals to Phuket for 2012! Remember that you need to book fast – we are giving 1 month before this Phuket Travel Deal closes and note that it can be used for any point in November 2012! Comment below or e-mail through to us at the Phuket Deals Support Centre.