Phuket Travel Deal Super Specials

Phuket Deals is very excited to announce the Phuket Travel DealPhuket Travel Deal Super Specials! section has a new page! Please click here to check out the

We at Phuket Deals understand how money can be tight, but at the same time you really do need a good holiday sometimes! We believe Phuket is the perfect answer to both these issues as it is a cheap, beautiful and fun destination that most people can afford.

Phuket Deals has worked tireless to ensure that we can provide the most update rates, and hotel information instantly for our customers. Phuket Deals has also spent a lot of time in Thailand, in towns such as Patong, Phuket and Karon. These are all beautiful place’s that people should be able to see and experience once in their life.

With Phukets beach’s with white sand, bars and clubs as far as the eye can see, Thailand s shopping and Thailand’s food we believe this is the ultimate escape for anyone looking at taking a break from real life!

Phuket is Thailand’s largest tourist destination, and it is easy to understand why when you get there! The fun never stops in Patong, and you can be sure if you come alone you will leave with a friend. Patong is rather good when it comes to the cost for drinks / food. Although it is very expensive compared to the rest of Thailand, we have found that the price’s are still well below what the average westerner would pay at their home.

Jet Star will do flights our from Sydney. We will use British Air for people coming from the UK and we have not decided on a airline for any American’s looking at doing a trip to Thailand.

Let us all watch out as well, as it is High Season we have a high chance of dealing with the cheap charlies that rock up to Thailand every high season. You know the people, they have a bank filled with cash but they still argue wth girls over something as small as 500 or 1000 Baht.
More to come soon on Phuket Deals, so check back.