Phuket Travel / Accom Specials

Its a great time to visit Phuket, numbers are down and the Thai Government is making big pushes to get tourist’s back on there shores spending there hard earned money! With Christmas fast approaching its clear that there will be some fantastic specials up for grabs with some major airlines!

Qantas (Australia) and its sister-line Jetstar look set to offer returns fares for less then $1000 over the Christmas break while British Airways, Thai and Cathay look set to have a $1200 return fare with no stop over! Fantastic savings to be had especially as the specials are available over the November / December and January months!

Patong will be a beautiful place to visit over Christmas! Although Thai people do not celebrate Christmas traditionally they do understand the westerns love for Christmas and put on all the same things you would expect to see in Australia, America or the UK! Bar girls love the Christmas period as customer are usually a little more open to buying lady drinks and giving big tips!

Hotels and Resorts in Thailand also have some fantastic specials, Sun Hill Patong still overs the VIP Room for under 3500 bht over the Christmas period and below 2000bht in low season! Diamond Cliff and Novotel will offer some fantastic specials for the 1500-5000 bht a night price!

Check back for more price updates!