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While Phuket, Thailand is a dream destination for the majority of people it is especially popular among people who love the beach, surf or the sand. If you are planning a Vacation to Phuket, Thailand through this agency (Phuket Deals) then the team believes one of the most important things to be aware of are the different beaches that can be found in Phuket, Thailand as depending on what you enjoy to do at the beach will have a large impact on the area in Phuket, Thailand you need to stay.

When people come to Phuket Deals looking for Vacations in Phuket the main reason for wanting to go seems to be so they can relax by the beach and enjoy the sun and sand. The vast majority of beaches in Phuket can be seen via the coast line so if you come into Phuket on boat you will have some great photo opportunities. If you hope to come to Phuket to not only enjoy the beach but also drink at bars and party in the night then the Patong area is probably going to be the most suited for yourself – while the beach is not considered one of the best in Phuket it still offers deck chairs to lay on, local Thai’s serving drinks and food and plenty of activities to enjoy while you are around..
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If you are looking to relax and would like to have some privacy then Nai Thon beach is known for been quite solitude, Nai Thon beach is also known for having some fascinating views. Nai Thon beach is easily one of the most quiet beaches in Phuket, Thailand and is perfect for those who are looking for serenity and privacy! Because the beach does not see many tourists it is also virtually untouched and offers a wonderful experience. The Phuket Deals team believes this area would be great for couples, especially honeymooners.

To get a mix of serenity and things to do you might be best to look at Karon or Surin – both are located in Phuket, Thailand and are very popular for people who are on vacations in Phuket. The area’s provide some great restaurants, a few bars and some fun shopping! The Phuket Deals team believes that these area’s are great spots in Phuket, Thailand for Vacation Deals!
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The Phuket Deals team would hate to see people come to Phuket for a Vacation and miss out on some of the best attractions! If you are coming to Phuket for a Vacation we do suggest you check out Wat Chalong, which is sometimes also called Chalong Temple – this is a great place to get educated on Thailand’s History a little and learn about the culture. For some great photo opportunities you can check out the Buddhist statues including Pho Than Jao Nonsi and also the you should consider checking out the temples of Luang Pho Gleum and Luang Poh Chuang.

Another fun activity for people of all ages when they come to Phuket, Thailand for a vacation is to check out the Muay Thai Boxing. The boxing stadium in Phuket often has fights between local Thai’s and expats living in Thailand. Food and drink is served and the fights are accompanied by music! This is a great experience and one we do recommend to anyone who is going to Phuket, Thailand for a Vacation!

One of the last things the Phuket Deals team would like you to consider when planning your very own Phuket, Thailand Vacation is what hotel, resort or type of accommodation you are going to stay in! Phuket, Thailand is a Mecca for Resorts and Hotels but also provides Villa’s on the beach and Serviced Apartments! Take a look online and when you find one that suits you be sure to come back to Phuket Deals to see if we can get better rates!