Phuket & Patong Girls 2010 – 2011

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I’m sitting here, thinking about all the different girls I have meet in Phuket, the majority been in Patong. I believe I am very lucky to say that I am yet to have meet any that have tried to over charge me or scam me in anyway, it seems western people have a imagine that Thai girls are forced into what they do and do not enjoy it at all. People, including myself have tried to displace this myth but it seems to re-appear constantly.

Im not sure what this post is really about, please don’t think it is in any way regarding Phuket Deals or our new Phuket Beach Guide section! – I just thought it might be a idea to do a quick post on Thai Girls from different bars I frequent and thank them for the excellent service! – This is also a great way to show off some of the best bars in Phuket and Patong! With all the great low fare’s and discounts you can currently get, you would be mad not to check Thailand out!

Lek (Located In The Downunder BarPatong)

– Nint (Located In The Downunder Bar, Mates With Lek –  Patong)

– Jum (Located At Bonkers Bar – Very Cute (Possible Head Injury) – Patong

– Noc (Freelancer, Usually Found In Tiger Bar) – Patong

– Que (Freelancer, Usually Found In Hollywood) – Patong

-Yai (Located In Octopus Bar) – Patong

-Air (Located In Octopus Bar) – Patong

-Kookai (Freelancer, Usually Found In Hollywood) – Patong

Giffy – (Freelancer, Usually Found In Hollywood) – Patong

Jai – Located In Ice Bar, On Bangla Rd) – Patong

There are so many more great Patong Girls and Phuket Girls, so please feel free to send in any others you know are great and should be listed! If we get a fair number of hits I will dedicate a page to them!

Patong Girls can often be over looked for the excellent service they provide, a large number not only have to spend time with customers they might have no real interest in, and then often enough continue back to their hotel for a full night of romping! Patong Girls are then so gracious as to clean your room, order your food and treat you like a king! All for maybe $35 Australian!

Phuket Deals is always out to help you find the best deal and discount to Phuket, please remember Jet Star fly direct to Phuket from Sydney! – Patong, thus Patong Girls are located in Phuket, so get cracking and book some tickets!