Phuket Package Holiday – October 2011

Phuket Deals has been hard at work putting together a range of Phuket Package Holidays to cover the rest of 2011 and you will find we have just uploaded more information for people who would like to visit Phuket during the low season in October. October may be considered the low reason and it may be very hot but it is a great time to visit because the beaches are far more empty, the hotels such as the Merlin, Sunhill & C&N all cut rates anywhere from 30-60% and you will find the streets are far less busy so you will be able to walk through with ease.

Phuket Deals is happy to bring you all a number of Holiday Packages that will cover October and will suite all budgets and needs! Weather you are a single person looking for some cheap accommodation so you can party all night long and sleep all day, you might be coming over with the other half and feel like showing them a romantic getaway at a beautiful resort such as the Diamond Cliff or you might be looking to save a little bit of money with a large group booking when you bring the wife and kids or perhaps the entire family. You can be certain that by booking through Phuket Deals you will find we have a Phuket Package Holiday Deal in 2011 that will suit you perfectly.

Crowds can often be the one bad thing when going on a Holiday to Phuket and October is a great time to avoid them because its so hot and humid but the Phuyket Deals team has found that people who come during this time generally forget about the heat after the first day because they start having so much fun! You don’t need to worry about the Nightlife in Phuket stopping short during October because its always Friday Night here, the Markets and Stalls are all still filled with Thai People trying to sell some beautiful clothes, trinkets and souvenirs and you will probably get them for a better price then usual because the rate of tourists is down and they are trying to make money!

The Merlin Hotel in Patong is a beautiful option for people who would like to come to Phuket in October. The Merlin boasts a number of beautifully kept swimming pools that you can use to ensure you keep cool! The service is second to none and the staff are wonderful to deal with! If the Merlin is a little out of your price range though you can always look at the Sun Hill or even the C&N – both of these hotels are person favorites to the Phuket Deals team and we are sure you will have an amazing time while staying there!

If you would like to book a Phuket Holiday for yourself or the family then please don’t hesitate to contact the Phuket Deals team so we can put together some options and send them through to you! Phuket Holidays are a great way to relax, forget the problems of work and life and just literally enjoy yourself every moment of the day! We hope to hear from you soon.