Phuket Package Deals – November & December

Phuket Package Deals – November & December

Most people have left Phuket for the high season this year and the Phuket Deals team hope you all had a great time! While you are all back at home saving for your next Exciting Phuket Holiday we are busy working with some new Hotels and Resorts that have recently opened in the Patong region to offer some of the Cheapest Holiday Packages we have ever released!

Thanks to so many people who have just returned from an exciting Phuket Holiday telling us that they would love to go back for Christmas & New Year we have decided to put together a number of Holiday Package Deals to Phuket that will cover November for those who cant get the time off at Christmas, along with December for those people who would like to escape a cold Winter or even if your just looking to change your Christmas Routine. Although Phuket is a buddhist country the locals in Phuket have a great understand of Christmas and they aren’t afraid to show it – day or night you will see lots of local girls wearing Santa Caps and plenty of the large department stores in the area bring in a Santa Clause so the kids can still tell him what they would like on their big day!

A Phuket Vacation in December is also a great time because of New Years Eve! We have explained in the past that the Thai New Year actually sits at a different time but this still does not stop the local Thais in Phuket getting into it and involved with all the festivities that the western people get up to!

The Phuket Travel Deal section has some great new offers that detail all the Cheap Package Holidays we currently have worked out with some of the most luxurious and wonderful resorts in Phuket and it also offers for idea’s on the latest Phuket Package Deals that we will be bringing out for November & December! These will be great for single people looking to get away for a while or for families who would like to avoid the cold, and bring the kids somewhere that they will really enjoy and never forget! What better present to get a loved one such as your mum or dad then to send them to a tropical paradise for Christmas and just Skype them on the day?

The Phuket Package Holiday Deals by Phuket Deals will run from now until October but do we expect a lot of interest from people who can see just how cheap our Vacation Deals are! By doing a quick search online you will see that the majority of other Internet Holiday Site’s offer deals that cost anywhere from 10 to 20 percent more then we do and your local Travel Agent will be looking for 20-30% – all of that is simply going to commission on them and we just don’t think its fair! The Phuket Deals team would like to see more and more people get to Phuket and enjoy some quality time with family and friends, get some wonderful photos and go home with money to spare!

E-mail through to the Phuket Deals team if you would like to take us up on some of our amazing package holiday specials! Remember to give us an idea on the dates you would like to go, how many people you will be going with and anything special you would like to do