Phuket Package Deals – March & April

Phuket Deals March Package Deals are ready for you all to jump onto! Fly over to Phuket, Thailand and experience 8-14 nights of pure luxury, fun and excitement! Tourists can expect to be pampered and have nothing to worry about, you will eat the finest food and drink the best beers and wine. Phuket Clubs and Bars are pumping at this time of the year and you need to get in on the action! Feel free to contact us after reading the following details on the Phuket Package Deals for March so we can arrange to send you a quote and you can book your Dream Vacation To Phuket!

Phuket March Package Deal

Little Cost, Lots Of Fun – Phuket Deals March Package Vacation Deals 1

10 Nights Accommodation at the secluded and peaceful Jenny’s Guesthouse. Only 5 minutes walk to Bangla Rd and Patong Beach, Jenny’s Puts you in the heart of the action!

Airport Transfers Included

Buffet Breakfast Each Morning

Discount On Hotel Drinks & Room Service

$2000 Baht Hotel Credit

Total Price: $2400.00

The List Cost, Lots Of Fun Holiday Package Deals are perfect for young people looking to get out and into the world on there own! Its also a great idea to give as a present or even for the older people to try and live with the young ones and enjoy the true delights of Phuket. These Prices are when flying from Perth, please contact us for further information on different locations.

Phuket Dream Holiday Package Deal 2

14 Night Accommodation at the Patong Merlin Hotel, Location 10 minutes walk from Bangla Rd and Patong Beach. The Patong Merlin is one the most famous and popular resorts in all of Phuket, expect to be pampered and given the up most luxury. The hotel does not allow Bar Girls to come back in so this is something people should take into consideration. This is a great package deal for anyone who has a little bit more money to spend or would like to treat themselves to a beautiful holiday get away and drink all they can, shop all they can and enjoy Phuket, Thailand as much as they can!

Hotel Transfer Included

5000 Baht Phuket Credit

Phuket Bar Hopping Card

Full Buffet Breakfast

Total Price: $3600.00

Phuket April Package Deals

Fun In The Sun – Cheap Phuket Holiday Package Deals 1

Since April is coming out of High Season, the weather is changing and it starts to get hot! Although it is not considered as much High Season as December or January, there is a big influx of people looking to hit the beach and try to save a little money! Because of this we can put the price up a little, but with that comes the dream experience in Phuket, Thailand where you will be feed by hand, have people there to get your things and help you when you need it. Enjoy the time with a beautiful Thai Girl in your impressive Hotel Suite and really live like a rock star!

10 Nights Accommodation at Poppas Palace, Phuket Thailand. Poppa’s Palace is located about 6 minutes away from Bangla Rd and is one of the smallest and yet most impressive Hotels in all of Phuket. Poppas Palace is very secluded allowing no access to anyone but the registered guests. They are very girl friendly which is a great thing if you are there to enjoy the delights of the Thai Bar Scene.

Full Buffet Breakfast

Airport Transfers

Bar Hopping Card

Total Price: $2100.00

Phuket Try Hard Package Vacation & Holiday Deal 2

12 Nights Accommodation at the C&N Hotel Patong. 10 Seconds from Bangla Rd and a mere 3 minutes walk to the beach, you will be in the heart of the action and enjoying everything in Phuket as it happens. Seafood Restaurants are close by, along with many smaller and cheaper restaurants that make brilliant and real Thai Food.

Airport Transfers

Full Buffet Breakfast

Total Price: $4300.00