Phuket Nightlife – Patong and Karon

Phuket Nightlife – Patong and Karon

Newcomers to Phuket normally head to Patong to get the taste of its famous nightlife. A go go bars, Phuket beers, the loud music, the beautiful and sexy girls and the pulsating night fun are the reasons why Patong is the high road in night entertainment.
Night fun places are concentrated on a small but noisy and full of life road called Bangla. Here, bars, clubs, pubs and disco houses become alive right after the sunset with loud music and flashing neon lights. Beautiful girls freshly out from their shells start alluring men, young and old, game and shy to party and share the night fun with them.

Walking down soi SeaDragon, Devil’s Playground a go go welcomes everybody with its castle-like entrance and cave-like hell interior. All fun here is provided by girls wearing devil customers with red horn and by angel-looking girls with little and cute white wings. Walking farther, there’s the popular Suzy Wong A go go still having the “spanking fun” with customers and guests. Just next door is the Exotica A go go bar with same spank and fun at Suzy Wong’s. Other popular a go go bars that keep on giving something different each night are The Secret, Roxy a go go, Baccarat, Diablo, Play School, Moulin Rouge where you can find Russian girls dancing and performing, Money Night, Playboy, House of Sound and Rock Hard A go go.
Disco houses in Patong also provide good fun for those who love to swing the night away. Hollywood Disco house is a popular dancing and drinking place. Girls are beautiful and very game. Open beer bars have barstools for everyone who wants to sit down, drink beer and chat with girls. These open beer bars are not limited to men singles but also welcome women and couples.

But Patong is not the sole provider of Phuket nightlife. Karon has its own share in the manner of Bangla Road. Here, although in small scale, bars, clubs and disco houses keep the night high with its music, shows and beer drinking. Most of the nightlife places are on Patak Road which is somewhat similar to soi Bangla.

In Karon, nightlife fun seekers will find Anybody’s Bar their kind of bar. It has loud music and sexy girl shows. On the other hand, Augus and Arful O’Tool’s offer dining and of course beer and international ale that makes it truly an Irish bar. Don’t go here if you want girls because it has none of those, only a genuine fun of beers and Ale. Terrace bar, Clapton Bar and Magic Bar are common in serving cold beers, friendly hostesses and loud music. Gun Bar is yet another good place to be when you want cold beer and good chat with (they claimed decent) Thai girls.

Phuket Nightlife in Patong and Karon are the most popular night places to be while in Phuket. Whether you are for the wild and all-must -see actions or the genuine feel of beer drinking and friendly-chat, Phuket Nightlife -Patong and Karon offer you a good choice.