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Phuket Soi’s

Soi Seadragon – Located of Bangla Rd in Patong. Soi Seadragon is a large and popular arena full of GoGo’s and Beer Bars. (Recently Updated 15/01/11)

Soi Eric – Located Of Bangla Rd in Patong, Soi Eric is a very professionally run Soi by a European Company.

Soi Crocodile – Located Of Bangla Rd, Soi Crocodile is a haven for anybody who likes Ladyboys!

Soi Easy – A small and very popular Soi located of Bangla Rd, Patong.

Phuket Bars – There are literally hundreds of Bars spread across Patong and Phuket and they are all trying to win over your business! Be sure to check out a few bars, and try not to sit at only 1. You will find new and exciting experiences in each bar and we have found most people do regret not exploring more of this area! Below we have dedicated some time to bring you information on our favorite bars in Patong! Please let us know if you would like more information on a specific bar or feel free to send us your through and reviews!

Octopus Bar – Soi SeaDragon

Bonkers Bar – Soi Eric

Tattoo Bar – Patong Beach

Phuket Clubs

Hollywood: Hollywood is one of Patong’s most popular night spots, frequented by mostly Tourists, and many Thai Girls! The music is a mix between dance, trance, hip hop and rnb. The place gets very busy and is always full! Buy a bottle of drink for a group and get access to a VIP area and free mixers!

Tai Pan – Tai Pan is another of Patongs most popular clubs. The crowd is generally a little older (25-50) and the music is anything top 40! Drinks are priced well and they have happy hour and a live band every night!

Baya – Baya is Phuket Deals personal fav club in Thailand. It has recently been refurbished with pink neon lights and windows so people from the street can see into the club. Baya will generally get more Thai people then Tourists and this is seen by the drink prices which are very cheap.

Tiger – A upper level club, similar to Hollywood. Attracts a large crowd every night, with there been a much larger amount of Thai Girls to Western Men. Please click for full review.

Phuket is known for its amazing night life. As a frequent traveler to Phuket I have found a this is the best way to work your trip.

The Best Way To Start Your Trip (In Phuket Deals Opinion)

Arrange to arrive at Phuket Airport around 7:00PM, the trip into Phuket will take 1 hour so you should be at the hotel and checked in by 8:30. I would advise you to shower and then call a tuk tuk and request a trip to Bangla Rd.

Mention Best Phuket Deals as it is very known in Phuket!

When you reach Bangla Rd, walk down towards Soi Sea-dragon and go to Octopus Bar, It is Aussie Owned and the staff and owners are excellent people! Have a talk to some people their and the rest of Phuket is yours to explore.

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