Phuket Jet Ski Scam

Jet Ski Scam / Phuket Jet Ski’s / Jet Ski Scam In Phuket

Many readers have commented or written to us regarding the Jet Ski’s in Phuket and the possibility of been scammed. We believe it is important for tourists to be aware of the dangers that can lie in a beautiful place like Phuket. Considering Thailand is a 3rd world / developing nation it is not surprising that some citizens of the Phuket and Thailand will use many tricks to try and get extra money out of tourists. Generally you will not need to be to concerned as they may at most slip an extra bill into your bin for drinks or charge you a different fee to enter a building then a Thai would pay. However there have been multiple reports from Tourists regarding the Jet Ski rentals on Patong beach where customers have been told they have damaged Jet Ski’s and been forced to pay very large repair bills (in excess of $2000 at times).

Phuket Deals is of the opinion that you are best not to use the Jet Ski’s in Phuket. While not every body will be scammed there is a large number of people that have reported this and in some cases weapons have been used to extort money from tourists. While the Police in Patong are generally a excellent bunch and do everything to ensure you are safe in their city, it is no secret that the Jet Ski Scams are allowed by the police because they make a cut. Tourists will often call the police when this scam begins in the belief that they will help resolve the issue so you can walk away with out paying money you do not owe although sadly it does not usually work out this way and the police will only talk the price down and then take a cut for themselves.

There have been reports of Tourists been hit, bashed and even stabbed due to not paying money to these criminals. The team at Phuket Deals implores you to not ride the Jet Ski’s as it is a perfect way to destroy a wonderful Holiday.

If you are persistent in the need or desire to ride a Jet Ski, we believe you would be best to take multiple pictures of it prior to leaving the beach and also ensure that you sign paper work that says the vessel is insured (some paper work will say you are responsible for said damage).

If you have been scammed in the past or have any input into these current problems then please contact the Phuket Deals team so we can have a confidential interview and tell your story to the world!