Phuket Jet Ski Issue, Over?

Well, its all over the news! Apparently the Jet Ski operators in Phuket now have insurance, damage caused when riding them will now be the operators problem rather then the tourist!

We at Phuket Deals for one hope this is the case, although I can already see flaw’s in the plan. Ive read 2 article’s and done a google search, I cant find any reference they give to been able to get help should you be scammed! I would personally feel better telling my family to rent the Jet Ski’s if we could contact Patongs tourist Police should the Thailand Jet Ski operator try anything silly!

Anyway, I am thinking about going to Bangkok! I have heard of Thailand Girls who are excellent at giving massage’s! Could you believe it, a Thailand Massage in Thailand! Amazing!

Anyway a flight is rather expensive at the moment, but I believe it would be worth it as I have been giving high regards to this particular massage shop in Bangkok. It will be also nice to see Bangkok and do a little shopping, and maybe on the 2nd day go see another Thailand Girl on the Phuket Deal account haha.

There are also more talks about the Patong Hill, I do hope they do something about this. Its a major road used by most tourists to get from Phuket Airport to Patong and one of these days we will have a major accident and it will not look good for Thailand’s public relations!

Phuket Deals is also going to post some new page’s up tonight, they will include Thailand Girls, Thailand Massage’s, Money In Thailand plus maybe some more! I do hope some people find some use from them, I have free time so I may as well try to help!

Please feel free to comment and request anything you may be after!