Phuket Hotel Deals 2011

The team at Phuket Deals have been going on and on about the fantastic Package Deals for Phuket currently and we have not had time to talk about the Hotels in Phuket. If you are a Thai person, are a Expat living somewhere in Thailand then chances are you would probably consider Phuket a pretty good option for a Holiday. As people already living in Thailand would not need major flights to reach, you would more then likely be looking out for the best Phuket Hotel Deal you could find for 2011. It has been noticed by almost anyone doing research into Phuket, that the hotels in this city are almost giving rooms away!

Phuket Hotel Deals 2011 is a new piece of work we are doing at Phuket Deals to help you find the best option when it comes to your Hotel or Resort Accommodation.  There are literally hundreds of different Resorts and Hotels right across Phuket, many of these are your standard resort which boast all the major facilities people have come to love while on Holidays. A number of Phuket Hotels through are now offering specials that include a number of additional “treats” or others are lowering room costs but excluding guests from certain activities in the Hotel.

If you are going to be coming to Phuket alone, it is most important to ensure that your Hotel does not charge a joiner fee. If your are advised you will have to pay a “Joiner fee” for having a guest come back to the room, we would recommend that you change hotels as soon as possible. Even with the fantastic Hotel Deals you are able to get in Phuket at the moment, you will end up paying much more if you are charged a joiner fee. Joiner Fee’s can be a concern for any first time traveler, and your hotel will be able to confirm via e-mail, if they charge to have girls come back.

If you are looking to avoid the Joiner Fee, there are still many smaller Hotels in Phuket that have some amazing Holiday and Hotel Deals going for the 2011 period, while these establishments will not offer the same facilites and services one may expect at a major resort, they will generally be closer to the night and will have a more “family” feel to them.

Coming to Phuket with the family would usually mean you are looking for something a little different on your Holiday, while the Hotels we have mentioned before are very cheap; they may not offer the services or facilities you are expecting. This is not a cause of concern though, as mentioned before the Holiday Deals for 2011 in Phuket will cover Hotels and Resorts, it will be very possible to stay at major resorts for as little as $30 a night, and smaller hotels will generally let out rooms for as little as $10 a night.

If you are on a tighter budget then that, there are a small number of Backpacker Hostels and “Guest Houses” that will allow you to share rooms for as little as $5 a night, while they are not the cleanest or most luxurious; they are a fantastic way to save money and enjoy your Holiday! Many of these locations will offer tour guides for a day, or the potential to ride Jet Ski’s or go on Water Craft for free!

Phuket Deals is going to keep offering information on the different Holiday Package Deals and Hotel Specials that will be available right across Thailand, Western Countries and Online! Remember to sign up to the news letter to get the latest updates!