Phuket Holidays

The team here at Phuket Deals has been thinking about why Phuket is such a great place, and we think we have the answer! Many people will argue it is popular because many guys come here for the girls, which leads to people hearing about the cheap shopping and vibrant nightlife. Other people will argue that Phuket is a resort town that all the travel agents talk about which of course will lead to people coming to visit! These are both excellent arguments and very well could be spot on but the Phuket Deals team has our own. 2 week millionaire.

Yes, it is no secret that when you come to Phuket from some where like Australia, UK, USA or NZ you will have a lot more baht in your pocket then you would of your own money from home. This can make anyone feel rich and once you spend a little, you will realize just how far this money can go. It is the opinion of Phuket Deals that people come to Thailand because it is a Cheap Holiday, Phuket is a fun Holiday and if you wish, Phuket can make anyone feel like a rock star. While other parts of Thailand are known for been very Thai Oriented and not to friendly to Western Life, Phuket has evolved past that and it feels like been at home expect you are Charlie Sheen, the Scotch in front of you would be his coke and the girls around you make his look like trolls! Yes we believe people love Phuket because it allows you to feel like a 2 week millionaire and that’s something we all would like, isn’t it?

The Phuket Deals team has been working on some Holiday Packages and some Phuket Holiday Vacations for anyone who is interested in attending the Full Moon Party in April 2011. This will be a great experience for anyone who is over 18 and under 25. Food and soft drinks are provided while Alcohol will need to be purchased on the island.  If you have any questions about the great Holiday Specials we are able to offer then please do not hesitate to contact one of the friendly Phuket Deals staff for a quote on the exact Holiday Package or Vacation Deal you are looking for!

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