Phuket Holiday Villas – Package Deals And Vacation Offers

Phuket Holiday Villas – Package Deals And Vacation Offers

Finding good accommodation in Phuket can sometimes be like finding a needle in a hay stack! While the vast majority of Hotels, Resorts and Rooms that are available for short or long term rent in Phuket are of a very high standard, the hard part can often be trying to find a location that suites your needs, a room that is the best size for you and a price that matches what you can afford! While most people who come to Phuket on a Package Deal for a great Vacation usually end up staying in one of the many resorts and hotels that are available it seems few people realize that Phuket has a great range of Holiday Villa’s that are located all over the city, including on the beach and near the main parts of all the action! While sometimes it’s nice to stay in a hotel a Holiday Villa can allow you to have much more freedom while you are on your Holiday! The Holiday Villa’s found in Phuket range from Apartment Villa’s, House Villa’s on the Beach and Villa’s in the residential parts of town!

Phuket Holiday Villa’s can come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you are looking for a 1 bed room, 1 bed bathroom Villa on the beach or a 5 bed room, 3 bathroom Villa in town you will be sure to find it at a great price! Holiday Villa’s can be rented for long or short term periods and you will usually find that the longer you stay the cheaper the Villa will be per month! A number of members from the Phuket Deals team currently stay in “Holiday Villa’s” and they are only paying 10,000 to 20,000 baht a month because they are on yearly contracts! One of the best parts about having a Villa while you are enjoying your Phuket Holiday Package is that you get far more privacy then you would if you were staying in a Hotel or Resort! The down side a Phuket Holiday Villa is the fact you will need to manage the cleaning yourself or find a maid to come in and do it for you.

Phuket Holiday Villa

Many people who do choose the Holiday Villa option will usually arrive in Phuket and spend a day or 2 looking for the right one! While this can be fun and allow you to learn and see much more of Phuket then you usually would it might be a little concerning doing this if you are coming on Holiday for a short period of time and are bringing your family or friends with you. In cases such as this you can always look online and search for Phuket Holiday Villa’s through Google or Thai Based Websites! The price may be a little bit more expensive then what you would pay if you just showed up and asked about it but the peace of mind is probably worth that extra cost.

If you are looking for a specific Phuket Holiday Villa or have any questions on the Holiday Villa’s that the Phuket Deals team stay in you can always e-mail through to the Phuket Deals Support Team and ask any question you may have! Another option is to comment below and a Phuket Deals rep can get back to you as soon as possible! Phuket Deals is aware of a number of great Phuket Holiday Villa’s that will be available for the coming long season! If you have an interest in getting details to the owners of these Villa’s we would recommend you contact us as they will not last due to the fantastic location and modern look and feel they have!